Colorado Springs, CO. /  MJBizwire /  —  Colorado Springs has a new medical cannabis dispensary.

Grant Pharms MMC ( is a family-owned and family-run business delivering high quality medical marijuana and friendly shopping as pleasant as visiting your favorite store at the mall. And it’s offering military veterans a 25 percent discount from July 1 through July 4 to thank them for their service to our country.

Grant Pharms MMC is named for co-founder and Chief Grower Grant Wollert, who has been a private cannabis caregiver for seven years. The new dispensary grew out of his need to expand to serve his growing number of patients.

Grant’s mother, Nikki Carder, put up the money and owns the new dispensary at 320 Prairie Road. Depending on when you ask her, she’s either “the boss” or a figurehead enjoying the opportunity to work with her two grown children.

Grant’s sister, Lindsay, is Operations Manager. Or, as she jokingly puts it, “I do everything nobody else wants to do.” That includes hiring and supervising the dispensary’s expert Budtenders, chosen for their friendliness as well as their knowledge of medicinal marijuana.

Grant originally got a medical marijuana card because of his own chronic pain. He became a caregiver and started growing his own plants, he says, “because I couldn’t quite find what I was looking for anywhere else. It turned out pretty well. People began noticing the quality of the marijuana I produced and my business grew over time until I needed to expand to serve them all.” And that’s how Grant Pharms MMC was born.

Ultimately, Grant Pharms MMC will produce most of the marijuana it sells. For now, though, they’re selling hand-selected product purchased from wholesalers while waiting for their first crop to mature and be ready for harvest. This wholesale product was selected because it is very similar in quality to what patients can continue to expect from Grant Pharms MMC.

The existence of Grant Pharms MMC and the products it sells are the result of Grant’s expertise and his long-held dream of being able to serve more patients.

But the atmosphere permeating the facility reflects the outgoing, friendly personalities and flair for aesthetics of Nikki and Lindsay.

For example, the waiting room features comfortable seating, artwork on the walls and other amenities that are the antithesis of the sterile functionality of most medical waiting rooms. The store features custom-designed cabinets, attractive lighting and glassware, a feeling of openness and an abundance of natural lighting that gives it a comfortable, secure feel.

“I want coming here to be as pleasant as a trip to your favorite store at the mall,” Nikki says.


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About Grant Pharms:


Grant Pharms, MMC is a family business started in 2016. After being patients ourselves and not finding the type of medicinal dispensary that we were looking for, we asked ourselves, “Why not do it our way?” We started the process in late 2015, and our doors are scheduled to open in late April 2016 .


When you visit Grant Pharms, MMC, you will notice the difference. We offer a clean, bright, beautiful place for you to speak to knowledgeable professionals about your medicine. Our team is experienced, highly skilled, and passionate about helping you find the right medicine. We truly care about your experience in our center and want to help you live your best life.


We promise it will be a great experience. We know you will notice the difference. Should you decide to register with us as your dispensary, you will enjoy many Loyal Patient Perks.
Stop in and see us today, and let us make a difference in your life!

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