go fire vaporizer

The Denver-based cannabis tech startup, GoFire, LLC., has developed a cannabis vaporizer and dose monitoring app which closed $210,000 in funding at the end of January with a $9M valuation.

GoFire designs SMART vaporization systems not only enhances consistency from strain to strain and dose to dose but also gathers anonymous information about your cannabis experience by tracking the chemical profile, dose, and temperature of each session.

This information allows the consumer to identify dosing best suited to their specific ailments; this allows for a better feeling faster, longer and without over-medicating, and losing control. This information is available to the user through the GoFire app.  The app suggests medical strains and dose measures to use depending on different ailments, through user data and information.

GoFire CEO Peter Calfee said the funding would be allocated in a few ways, 1)  to design and manufacture GoFire products, and 2) for public relations, Peter hired a PR firm to build the GoFire presence as he gears up for his official launch of their first vaporizers in May.

GoFire was founded in 2014 and 2016 was accepted to TechrloT XLR8, an accelerator program focused on the Internet of Things (IoT). TechrloT is a six-month program providing best in class loT companies of any stage with valuable resources to validate product engineering and design, assess market potential, access supply chain financing and connect with anchor customers and channel partners.

Key Features:

Metered Dose Control

Mindfully control every dose in 5 mg increments.

SMART Health Application

Visually track what’s working, and learn from every dose.

SMART Cartridge Technology

Identify blended formulas for any time of day, and feel better.

Precise Temperature Control

Personalize temp settings to amplify your experience.

Material Versatility

Compatible with loose leaf and extract materials of your choice.

Particle Sensing Technology

Know if you’ve finished your dose with vapor indication.

“The tech in our eyes will be able to be used not just for cannabis, but to create consistency for any inhaled medicine,” said Calfee.


GoFire is building credibility with their attention to detail and patient interaction. The app allows for a user-friendly experience through the whole process, with the patient leading the way. You initially set the app to choose your “why.” Whether you are looking to relieve a certain ailment or want to achieve a specific feeling. GoFire also includes a science section where you get to explore your balance through informative personal information, this allows you to understand how a unique oil blend works well for you.

GoFire is set to release their first product line in late 2017 and expects to expand their customer base throughout Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and California, and eventually, wants to expand into Canada.

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