You may remember our first article on GoFire announcing their raise of $210,000 at the end of January with a $9M valuation. To date, GoFire has raised $1.4 million and they have an opportunity that you may want to be a part of.

For those who haven’t heard of GoFire, I would like to give you a prime example of why GoFire is an innovative and convenient development for the cannabis community. We all know that one friend that gets way too high and embarrasses or entertains you, by doing something crazy in public.

GoFire created a solution to this behavior by providing a consistent method for managing the amount of vapor hits the user takes while monitoring the process through an intuitive dosing app for your device. This technology combination helps build an online community that empowers members to search for cannabis products for their specific needs, and creates a system to monitor authentic dose control in a measurable incremental format for concentrates and essential oils.

One of the effects of using cannabis is that some people experience a “bad high” or in layman’s terms they become anxious or paranoid after consuming cannabis. A “less is more” mentality allows people to enjoy the benefits of cannabis by only consuming enough to get their desired effects.

GoFire is the first all-in-one, vaporization solution to inform patients and consumers on how certain materials interact with their mind and body.

GoFire technology is addressing the following issues:  

  • The current vaporization market does not allow for accurate control of the amount of material a patient or consumer is ingesting.
  • Patients are selecting alternative medicine without an understanding of the psychoactive effect the medicine may have on them, potentially leading to an undesired experience.
  • People cannot identify products which will amplify how they live, nor do they have access to technology or resources that allow them to tailor a dose to the desired outcome.

How does the GoFire technology work?

GoFire is different from the other products on the market that utilize vaporization or an automatic shut-off with a vibration letting the consumer know when their dose is complete. GoFire says the problem with traditional products are; everyone inhales a different amount, and these methods enable conservation but do not provide the patient with precise control.

GoFire’s micro-dosing technology delivers controlled based consumption of cannabis concentrates in 2.5-milligram increments. Consumers can personalize and maximize their experience with a dosing calibrator and GoFire’s SMART Cartridge system that improves consistency from dose to dose. The customer will have access to lab certified results which identify the chemical makeup that works best for their desired outcome.

Healthcare professionals benefit from of GoFire technology:

By creating a new form of health technology that uses dosing, smart-sensors, and a deep-learning platform that allows the consumers to understand the data better. A clinical platform for healthcare professionals will be available for public consumption so more understand how medicinal cannabis is beneficial for the first time.

GoFire will be used as an alternative to traditional pain management therapy, over-the-counter medications, as a way to control cannabis consumption, a guide to understanding how cannabis affects certain individuals, and as a tool to continue to push alternative health research forward.

Who is the team behind GoFire?

Peter Calfee, CEO of GoFire, and his business partner, John Woodbine, the CTO, created the first prototypes for GoFire using whiteboards and 3D printer in 2014. The company developed rapidly in only a year and secured $50,000 for its first check of seed funding. Only five days, Calfee was in a car accident that left his back broken. Even though he was bedridden for months, the grind never stopped, and the company continued to thrive. Calfee’s fight to use cannabis to manage his back pain instead of opiates gave GoFire the personal drive to create a way for people to be able to quantify their consumption.

What is the GoFire mission?

GoFire’s mission is to provide a new foundation for the clinical framework of alternative medicine, where quantifying the effectiveness of varying forms of aromatics or essential-oil based medicines are made possible through crowdsourcing patient information, post-consumption. GoFire’s purpose is to deliver a safe, reliable platform to consume and manage an array of alternative medicines.

“At GoFire, our patients come first. We impact through innovation to enhance the quality of life for as many as possible. Our Team seeks to perform for those who cannot, and empower through technology grounded in health and wellness.” Peter Calfee, CEO of GoFire.

The GoFire Team will begin touring events in Colorado and California this fall.

A Beta Launch Party will be held for the first 100 qualifying beta candidates, followed by a Black Tie Gala Party this Winter. GoFire is currently recruiting participants to join their BETA community. The BETA program will allow participants to utilize GoFire’s proprietary vaporizer platform and experience first hand, GoFire’s micro-dosing technology, and personal dosing app. Applications are currently being accepted and will remain open until September. Over the duration of the testing period, participants will have the opportunity to guide how GoFire products look, function, and feel.

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