Genius Pipe is an innovative smoking device made here in the United States. This pipe filters out 95% of all tar and resin allowing for the user to experience a smooth and clean hit. Plus it uses water-less filtration technology meaning whenever a draw is taken from the Genius; it is cooled down and filtered allowing the user to experience the original flavor of each strain.

It’s a futuristic looking pipe that is packed into a sleek and lightweight design, which can easily be concealed in your pocket or bag. The design makes every hit smooth, and won’t produce unwanted side effects. 

Dimple Technology aka “water-less” filtration

When you slide open the Genius pipe, you will notice tiny dimples on the inside of both sides of the smoke chamber. These are micro vortices which act as a filter and cooling system providing a pleasant smoking experience with every inhale. The vortices not only act as a cooling system but also captures tar, oil, and resin before it can even reach your mouth.

Dimple Technology can be found in all sorts of applications from golf balls to supersonic jets to fuel-efficient cars and just about everything in between.

Anodized Aluminum

Anodizing is an electrochemical process that converts the metal surface into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish — the cool designs offered by Genius Pipe show off this trait!  Plus aluminum is considered a safe and non-toxic metal for humans!

The Slide Experience

The magnetic sliding cover allows for an easy to use experience, protection from spilling your flower material and containing the smell.

How to use the Genius Pipe

I found the Genius Pipe quite convenient when on the go. Just slide and smoke! Here is a link to a tutorial video on how to set up your Genius Pipe! 

Sidenote: The Genius Pipe website advertises each Genius Pipe bowl to be around 10 or so hits, and they also warn those who are a bit more experienced should not pull too hard or they might get an unexpected surprise with a larger than expected hit.

How to clean the Genius Pipe

Cleaning the Genius is quite simple, you can clean the device in 4 easy steps:
– Separate the top from the bottom
– Wipe it down with 70% alcohol
– Wipe with a dry cloth
– Slap it back together

Please do not use any professional pipe cleaners. The harsh chemicals they contain may ruin the beautiful look of your pipe.

I was able to chat directly with Genius Pipe team on their product to gain a bit more insight into the company. 

Does Genius Pipe have any patents?

Genius Pipe: Yes. Our patent is for the dimple cooling technology applied for smoking apparatus. Dimple technology allows for laminar flow of smoke resulting in unrestricted air flow. At the same time, vortices created in each dimple intensify cooling effect and act as an effective filtering mechanism. 

What are future improvements in store?

Genius Pipe: The Genius Taster is our newest addition to our accessories.  It allows the user to use their Genius Pipe just like their Rig with a Ti Nail at home. Limited Edition. While Supplies last.

Who is the team behind the Genius Pipe?

Genius Pipe: There have been several individuals, staff and Genius users, who have contributed to the success of Genius. Genius is not just one person but a community.  

What inspired your team to create a versatile pipe? 

Genius Pipe: Through open sources, many ideas and contributions have allowed the Genius Pipe to evolve. In turn, bringing new Ideas, like Karma currency and Beta Tester Club, which engage and reward our followers.  

Who is your target audience with the Genius Pipe?

Genius Pipe: We want to give anyone the best experience. Whether you are a purest at heart or on the cutting edge, Genius has something offer.

How do people get customized Genius pipe(s)?

Genius Pipe: They can contact us through any of our channels whether it be social media, email or phone with ideas.   We share these ideas with the team and our followers and the ones that are picked as most popular, we create and introduce their idea on a custom Genius Pipe.   

What’s the difference between the first generation Genius Pipe to the second?

[Genius Beta 3.0] Sometimes you will see the previous generation Genius model become available on our site or eBay store. These pipes are from one of our Limited Collections and have been previously owned. Due to the differences in design and limited stock, they have highly sought after. Models from 3.0 series are different, as they were manufactured with an intricate casting process and come in two types of electroplated finish: Chrome and Gunmetal. These pipes have an excellent cooling effect.

[Genius Beta 4.0] This are our current generation model and are actively featured on our site. Unlike the previous version, these pipes are made from medical grade aluminum with the ultimate precision. This model is known for clean lines and improved airflow that creates that perfect draw. This process also allows us to add more color finishes and custom designs. The anodized surface is cleaner and more scratch resistant.

To learn more about Genius Pipe or purchase your own, go to!

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