Hotbox Reviews Unboxed: Flytlab Lift

LIFT by Flytlab  

The LIFT Herbal Vaporizer
The most compact. Smart. Powerful

The best tasting handheld herbal vaporizer 2017

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The Flytlab Lift Vaporizer is the company’s newest creation herbal vaporizer. Flytlab is well known for making great and awesome vaporizers at a reasonable price.

Price: $150.00

Made for dry herb, waxy oils, and thin oils

The Lift has three temperature settings that range from 365 – 425°F. Each setting has a LED light indicator for easy use and identification:

  • Blue – Low Temp (365°F -375°F)
  • Yellow – Mid Temp (395°F – 405°F)
  • and Green – High Temp (415°F – 425°F)

Available in black and white, the device is relatively discreet, as you can easily cover up it’s power light while you take draws. The FlytLab Lift Vaporizer offers an average battery life but no pass-through feature. A full battery life provides 13-20 bowls (depending on the temperature, the higher the temp the easy the device will drain). Its LED light indicator lets you check how much power remains with a Smart Heat system for added convenience.

  • Green LED – Full Battery
  • Yellow LED – Half Battery
  • Red LED – Low Battery


1 x Battery

1 x USB Charger

1 x AC Power Adapter (2A)

1 x DC Power Adapter

1 x Protective Rubber Sleeve

1 x Rubber Lip Piece Cover

1 x Rubber Lid Cover

1 x Dab Tool

1 x Cleaning Brush

2 x Glass Lip Pieces

1 x FlytLab Sticker

Warranty- All FLYTLAB products are backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

What makes unique: The LIFT by Flytlab is an ultra compact, premium herbal vaporizer featuring a fully ceramic oven, magnetic flip-lip, and their signature smart heat system.

Key Features:

  1. Fully Ceramic Oven- (Utilizes a hybrid (conduction/convection) heating system to produce a true vaporization of your herb. Ensures full-flavor and pureness. Holds 0.6 Grams.)
  2. Retractable Glass Lip Piece- (Equipped with a pyrex glass outer layer and a heat resistant organic thermoplastic core. Stores away inside the device for protection and cleanliness; doubles as a packing tool when the device is in session.)
  3. Construction – (Made of a lightweight aluminum alloy featuring a clean air path system which avoids all electrical components.)
  4. One- Button Control (Color Coded) – (Allows you to turn device on/off (3-clicks), adjust temperature settings (press and hold), and check battery life (press and hold when device is off).
  5. Three-Temperature Settings- (High (415-425), Medium (395-405), Low (365-375). Enables you to adjust the temperature to which your herb is heated so flavor and cloud production can be customized to fit your personal preference.)
  6. Fast and Efficient- (Takes less than 60 seconds to reach the highest temperature and bakes continuously for a full 2-minute session once the desired temperature has been reached)
  7. Auto- Shutoff Feature- (If left unattended for more than 30 seconds after heating up, the LIFT will automatically begin to cool itself down to preserve your herbs and prevent battery drainage.)
  8. Battery Life –( A full battery provides 13-20 bowls (Depending on the temp). Charge time 2 hours. Mini USB Rechargeable.)
  9. Warranty- All FLYTLAB products are backed by a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Who is Flytlab?

Flytlab specializes in developing high-quality vaporizer for dry herb and wax. H2flo elite best smart portable vaporizer award winner.

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