It’s never been done before. A vaporizer system that operates on single-serve pods filled with cannabis. CannaKorp recently announced the launch of CannaCloud™, which has been described as the Keurig of Cannabis.

The CannaCloud™  was unleashed at the 4th Annual Marijuana Business Expo in Las Vegas. “CannaKorp is going to upgrade the whole experience of using medical marijuana,” wrote Michael Bourque, CannaKorp co-founder, and president. “Our goal is to simplify and improve the medical marijuana experience for millions of users worldwide. Patients don’t always know exactly what they are buying and preparing cannabis is an archaic process today. Used together, our CannaCloud vaporizer and CannaCups solve this problem.”

Cannabis lovers nowadays want a consistent experience. The CannaCloud™ runs on pre-measured pods of cannabis called CannaCups. “The CannaCloud system reminds me a lot of the early days at Keurig—it offers a similar consumer proposition of speed and convenience and consumers exposed to the CannaCloud really love it,” added CannaKorp CEO Dave Manly.

David Manly formerly worked for Keurig for 13 years and is taking his knowledge into the cannabis industry. During Manly’s career at Keurig, he saw the company’s annual revenue go from $50 million to $5 billion. “Keurig has standards for what coffee went into their K-Cups. It was very consistent from cup-to-cup, so every time you had a K-Cup from a Keurig machine, it tasted the same,” Manly told Tech Insider. “That kind of consistency is exactly what we want to bring to the marijuana industry.”

The CannaMatic is an automated machine that fills, seals, and labels CannaCups. With the CannaMatic, retailers can fill the CannaCups with their herb of choice.

Colorado now requires contaminant testing as well as requiring proper labeling based on increments of 10mg THC. The CannaCloud™ is one way of adhering to Colorado’s new laws.

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