Flowhub is a point-of-sale system created specifically for the cannabis industry in mind. The system works to make sure cannabis retailers can sell their products while always remaining compliant to state and out of state laws.

The platform can be used on both Mac and PC software systems but Flowhub also sends along its own device. The Nug is a scanning device that scans ID’s and takes pictures of medical documents. It’s used so you can quickly check in medical patients and recreational consumers and then automatically determine their limits on what they’re allowed to buy in a compliant way.

Using The Nug makes selling a seamless system for budtenders because as they scan in products to be purchased, the system will let them know when a customer has reached the legal limit of what they are allowed to buy.

The POS system has a beautiful user interface that is simple to use for budtenders and easy to understand. For example, if a customer has an ID from a state that doesn’t allow customers to buy extracts, the system will show the budtender that information and the budtender can then let the buyer know what they can and cannot buy.

CEO and Co-founder Kyle Sherman moved to Denver three years ago to get into the cannabis industry and has always had a love for expanding the industry while regulating business to the laws governing it.

“We’re really focused on stores that care about compliance,” Sherman says. However, Flowhub wants to work with stores that aren’t as focused on the issue too. Sherman hopes to help businesses see the huge importance of compliance and sway them to take an interest in the issue.

The company works with some of the largest license holders in Colorado while also working with small ‘mom and pop’ stores, says Sherman, to help teach smaller companies about the importance of staying compliant in this industry.

Right now Flowhub operates in Colorado, Oregon, parts of California, and is moving into the Alaska markets. Sherman wants to stay focused on the West Coast for now, and the states that are moving towards legalization.

For more information visit www.flowhub.co.


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