Farmbot is the world’s first open-source CNC farming machine. It is specifically developed for personal farming. The team behind the bot is working on making it large enough to handle small-scale commercial farming as well.

The Farmbot is placed around a plot of land and soil that the user wants to grow on. It moves along tracks on a raised bed and then moves left and right and up and down along the track to complete its various tasks.The idea for Farmbot came from founder and CEO Rory Aronson, who worked on the project for three years before it launched this July. Aronson wants Farmbot to be something everyone can use.

“We’re focused on building a platform for a farming robot that can grow whatever it is you want to grow,” Aronson said. Though not specifically developed for growing cannabis, the Farmbot would make the perfect garden robot for the cannabis user’s personal plot.

Cannabis can be difficult to grow, especially when trying to combat the various things that can go wrong during the growth stages of the plant. Farmbot is there every step of the way to make sure a user’s plants develop as healthy and big as possible. Farmbot uses seed injectors to place seeds in precise locations in the plot. It then goes over those spots to water them. It then uses sensors to look at soil properties, as well as look at weather patterns to be able to farm smarter over time.

Not only that, but the Farmbot is able to look for weeds in the plot and then connect to a device used to remove the weeds to keep only the plants you want growing in the plot alive. That being said, you can grow a multitude of plants together in the same plot without worry. So for the 15 states in the U.S. that permit varying amounts of personal cannabis growth, the Farmbot makes an excellent companion for the first time and seasoned farmer.

The Farmbot can grow different plants while still watering each plant in the ways it needs to be nurtured while differentiating between the types of plants in the plot. So you can grow cannabis next to lettuce, next to kale, and the Farmbot has no problem taking care of each individual plant in the way it needs to be cared for.

Farmbot is a do-it-yourself system. You design where you want your crops placed from your computer using a web-based interface. There is no coding required making growing easier for those not so tech-savvy. Once the robot is built over your plot you just let it grow for you. Right now you can pre-order Farmbot for when it ships to you in February of 2017. The company has sold close to 300 bots since the launch in July. It’s selling all over the world, from Mexico to Australia, to Japan.

Aronson is very confident that his company will help people live a healthier lifestyle being able to grow their own food. As for the cannabis user, the bot is just the beginning of growing your perfect plant and as Aronson says, “With Farmbot, your garden will flourish.” To learn more visit Farmbot’s site at

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