As part of the rapid growth in the cannabis space, brands and customer brand loyalty are quickly developing. Yet, they face strict advertising restrictions in the space; product brands had very few options when it came down to promoting their brands.

Eyechronic, an ad-based television network broadcasting real-time content on large television screens placed in cannabis dispensaries across the United States has shown favorable results to help these companies and brands. The platform caters to the entire cannabis industry to connect and to help cannabis products reach consumers when making their purchasing decisions.   

How does Eyechronic achieve this?

Eyechronic’s state of the art engagement network is a mix of social media walls, text polls, and contests, educational and government information, fun and engaging content and advertisements.  Through its network, everyone in the cannabis community has a voice.  It is just a matter of how they choose to share it.

Over the past few years, they have been the fastest growing in-dispensary television network and recently announced that it is in the process of finalizing a $2 Million+ Series A round, making it one of the most well-financed technology companies in the space.

Eyechronic also announced that it has location sign ups already in Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico and Oregon and is targeting entry into several other States. This round of funding will be used to propel Eyechronic’s continued and explosive growth and allow the company to place its network in several hundred dispensaries by year’s end.

“As more and more States pass more lenient cannabis laws, and more dispensaries and adult use retail locations come online, we are just pushing to keep up with the demand,” said co-founder Jeremy Jacobs.

Eyechronic’s unique and engaging platform is a perfect fit for the cannabis community.  Unlike most place-based advertising, the high tech Eyechronic network is informative and entertaining. Content is intended to get customers engaged with their social media walls, text polls, news relevant to the cannabis community and compelling content and videos from some of the most popular and trusted media outlets in cannabis, adding that something special to the dispensary experience.

“When they add value to the customer, the dispensary, and the product companies, it is hard not to see the value in Eyechronic.  I think that Eyechronic is filling a void in the cannabis space that could be extremely lucrative for both the company and its investors” said Jon Trauben, an Eyechronic board member and principal of JAC Investments.

Interested in having Eyechronic in your dispensary? For more information on Eyechronic and potential partnerships, visit Eyechronic’s website and click on the Locations tab.

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