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C1D1 Labs LLC Presents: A Las Vegas Knowledge Session

November 16, 2018 @ 1:30 pm - 6:00 pm


C1D1 Labs LLC Presents: A Las Vegas Knowledge Session

With special guests Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI), Future4200, and Murphy Murri

A knowledge session with the Cannabis Industry’s extraction and distillation experts. Finally, an opportunity to have lab build out engineers, code compliance gurus, and the top extraction and distillation consultants all in one place.

This course is designed to give business owners and lab techs the knowledge they need to pick thier solvents (Ethanol vs Hydrocarbons), build out a compliant manufacturing room and pass inspection, choose the right equipment and have the right techniques to create a quality product.

Each speaker will give the audience a chance for a Q&A session! A very limited amount of seats are available, there will be a no refund policy.

C1D1 Labs LLC

Building a manufacturing facility is not an easy task. This involves following very intensive fire codes, building permits, and business licensing. Our engineers have worked hard to provide extraction companies an easy solution to building an extraction room. We are code compliance experts, focused on streamlining our clients to an operational status. Having the right team design your extraction booth will save you time and money in engineering, and most importantly help you pass inspection and get your team working.

Pressure Safety Inspectors (PSI)

PSI has become the Gold Standard of Engineering Peer Reviews (EPR). Pressure Safety Inspectors offers third party independent design verification (otherwise referred to as an engineering peer review) of solvent based extraction equipment. PSI has performed reviews for over two dozen original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). PSI has developed internal procedures that provide the most comprehensive engineering peer review available for solvent-based extraction equipment. Pressure Safety Inspector’s expertise set a standard in safety in Coloardo and their influence in safety has spread to Long Beach and other municipalities in California.

Good LIfe Gang

Good Life members commit to supporting each other with knowledge, networking and other resources. Our members come from diverse backgrounds with expansive networks. This is a Family that supports its own. In fact, if you aren’t interested in investing your time and energy into others, this isn’t for you. We strongly believe that by empowering the individual members we grow stronger as a Family.

This idea spawned from participating with the great community that we have built rapidly at Future4200.com. That forum is our attempt to carry the torch that Skunk Pharm Research lit long ago. We adopted the simple model established by SPR: pay it forward. Giving more and expecting less results in a strong community full of people who have been helped and ready to give back. A strong community full of positive relationships is a powerful foundation for growth.