e-Sense-Lab (ASX: ESE), an Israel-based life-sciences research and development company announces the collaboration with Wild Rogue Extracts LLC. A U.S. cannabis concentrate producer. Wild Rogue is known for being a boutique cannabis concentrate producer and developer of cannabis essential oils, located in Oregon, U.S.

The agreement states …

That eSense and Wild Rogue will develop and market a new line of cannabidiol (CBD) based products, including vape pens and vapors (concentrates and oils), salves, tinctures and other topical concentrates and applications. 

eSense and Wild Rogue will maintain their particular intellectual property (IP) with the opportunity to consider sharing any future jointly developed IP. Wild Rogue will be purchasing initial quantities for development purposes, of eSense’s terpene profiles.

Earlier this year, eSense announced a commercial agreement with Allor Vaporizers for the supply of e-liquids comprising the company’s reconstructed cannabis terpene profiles.

eSense’s plan is to enter similar arrangements with potential clients to whom the company recently shipped 1,000 commercial samples.

Behind eSense

Headquartered in Israel, eSense has developed a proprietary plant profiling technology. eSense uses cutting-edge technologies and disruptive techniques to reverse engineer rare or lucrative plants. They then deconstruct the chemical profiles and use other natural products to re-engineer and create the ‘virtual plant.’

This model is used to “reverse engineer” and reconstruct the terpene profile of that plant, using alternate natural sources, in a more cost efficient and sustainable way. Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds (classified as phytochemicals) which account for the flavor and fragrance of plants, as well as the health benefits.

The reconstructed terpene profile replicates the flavor, fragrance and other desired characteristics of the targeted plant to a similarity of 99.9%.

The initial focus for eSense has been in the cannabis plant. However, future high-value target plants also include ginseng, saffron, and other medicinal plants and spices.

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