Each week we highlight entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry for our viewers to learn more about the leading cannabis executives of our time. This week, we highlight Luna Stower, Norcal Sales Director of Jetty Extracts.

Luna Stower

Meet Luna Stower

Since 2013, the mission of Jetty Extracts has been defined by its variety: the care and craft we put into sourcing materials, implementing superior extraction methods and statewide distribution. We are obsessed with perfection—working within the law, never cutting corners, never compromising our values.

Although we’ve worked hard to develop a recognizable style, we sometimes like to defy convention. There are familiar products (like Gold), familiar products with a twist, (like the Dablicator™ CBD), and innovative products made in collaboration with industry partners (like the PAX Era Pod).

Our job is to keep our freestyle approach to hand-crafted cannabis products while keeping in mind how they might be a part of and enrich the world we live in.

We believe that cannabis elevates our experiences. It’s good times enhanced…hanging with friends, enjoying an active and creative lifestyle, or even a little “me time.” It also means caring and relief in so many ways and giving back as much as we can.

In our interview with Luna Stower, we asked a variety of questions to learn more on what it’s like working with Jetty Extracts, and what it’s like being an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry!

DCN: What ignited the spark in you to launch your business? Or how did your idea evolve? 

Luna Stower: Healing!

DCN: When you finally decided that you wanted to launch a business in the cannabis industry, what was your experience like when telling your family and friends? Were they supportive?

Luna Stower: Yes very. Some pushback but mainly they were and are on board!

DCN: How is your organization/business positively helping the cannabis industry? 

Luna Stower: Absolutely. See the #shelterProject non-profit for cancer patients

DCN: As we go into 2018, what is one huge accomplishment that you or your team achieved last year that you would like to share with our readers?

Luna Stower: Compliance and becoming the top 5 cartridge brand in c.a.

DCN: What are some challenges you faced early on and how’d you beat them?

Luna Stower: Banking (now using credit unions), and raids (now operating our H.Q. legally in Oakland)

DCN: Did you raise capital to fund your business or what creative strategies did you use to execute on minimal cash flow?

Luna Stower: All sales, no institutional investment.

DCN: What did you give up to get where you are today? What did you have to sacrifice?

Luna Stower: My teaching career, ability to be anonymous, stigma and fed. Tax issues etc.

DCN: What is the best piece of advice you can give to others looking to launch a company in the cannabis industry? 

Luna Stower: Have tons of financial and emotional support and LOVE WHAT YOU DO, or the stress will burn you out!

DCN: What’s the hardest part of founding and running a startup? 

Luna Stower: Communication styles, dishonest competing operators, incompetent city officials, unjust policy and unfair policing.

DCN: Is there anything that surprised you about being an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry? 

Luna Stower: Many women CEOs.

DCN: What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur?

Luna Stower: Excellent time management skills, superb verbal and written communication skills and some form of income outside of the primary job to ensure you still eat, aren’t broke and overworked, and can make ends meet!

DCN: How do you stay balanced? Any hobbies outside of your work? 

Luna Stower: My puppy, hikes, and far away vacations to beachy islands or rocky mountains.

DCN: What book has inspired you the most? (OR What is your favorite book?) 

Luna Stower: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: a journey to the heart of the American dream. By Hunter s. Thompson

DCN: Excluding yours, what company or business do you admire the most?

Luna Stower: Operation E.V.A.C. (Educating Veterans About Cannabis) by Ryan Miller, and Flow Kana, a coop distributor, for keeping small NorCal farms alive! Also, I love all the media magazines for keeping print alive! Especially Cannabis Now, Dope and Sensi.

DCN: How can we as an industry continue to make a positive difference in society? 

Luna Stower: Corporate Social responsibility requirements in donations and structure of the company.

DCN: Is there anything we missed? What else would you like to share?

Luna Stower: Check out our shelter project!

DCN: Thank you, Luna, for sharing your story and offering such real and insightful advice! It was so great being able to feature you as this week’s entrepreneur of the week!

For those looking to learn more about, please check out Jetty Extracts!

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