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Each week we highlight entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry so our viewers can learn who is behind the team of the upcoming and leading businesses, organizations, and non-profits in the industry.

This week we would like to introduce Whitney Beatty the CEO of The Apothecarry Brands, Inc. Whitney built a reputable career as a tv executive however after being diagnosed with anxiety, she extensively researched the benefits of smoking, shook off the years of stigma and decided to try it.  As her knowledge of herb expanded, she became a proponent, but still didn’t identify with prevailing culture perpetuated in the media, nor the goods dripping with bikini-clad women targeted at them.

After meeting so many like-minded users, who lamented about a lack of good storage system, worried about securing buds away from kids (a worry she also had being a mother herself) and pets and who were tired of searching around for their stash to discover it dried out from plastic baggies and non-airtight dispensary jars is where Apothecarry evolved.Apothecarry was built around the idea of elevating both the quality and experience of smoking by developing high-quality organizational systems, accouterment, and accessories.

In our interview we asked Whitney a variety of questions sharing her experiences, she had some insightful information and advice to share with each of you.

Please share with our viewers, a little about The Apothecarry Brands, Inc

Whitney Beatty: The Apothecarry Brands, Inc is a purveyor of luxury cannabis accouterment, providing high style and high-quality goods designed with the upscale smoker in mind. Our premiere offering, the Apothecarry Case, is a luxury humidor and storage solution made to safely store herb at its freshest, most optimum quality while providing luxury tools and storage space for the discriminating connoisseur.

Can you please share some advice that has influenced your entrepreneurial journey?

Whitney Beatty: I think the best advice I’ve ever gotten was “women who seek to be equal to men lack ambition.” It’s something I’ve taken to heart as both as a woman and a woman of color. It served me well as an executive in the uber-competitive entertainment industry, and as I started Apothecarry. The odds are always against you as an entrepreneur but you have to trust in your ability and capabilities. You have to shake off anything you hear that tried to consciously or subconsciously limit what you can achieve.  That’s also the joy of working in such a new and booming market — I can’t compare what Apothecarry can do with anyone else because this space didn’t exist 10 years ago. You get to blaze a new trail.

Personally, In the cannabis space I saw a market that I didn’t feel as focused on or appealing to me – If I ever saw another tie-dyed green cross covered item I would scream.  After meeting so many like-minded cannabis users, who lamented about a lack of good storage system, worried about securing buds away from kids and pets and who were tired of searching around for their stash to discover it dried out from plastic baggies and non-airtight dispensary jars, Apothecarry was born.  The brand seeks to redefining the image of cannabis users who take pride and pleasure in their stash, while filling a hole in the marijuana paraphernalia market for everyone from the attorneys who tokes after their high-powered workday, to the  “stiletto stoners” who are hosting ladies night, to the seniors using medication for health benefits and everyone in between who demands the best in all things. We take pride in representing the millions of men and women across the country take pride in working hard, raising families, and enjoying medical marijuana.

How do you stay balanced? Any hobbies outside of your work?

Whitney Beatty: Balance is always hard as an entrepreneur. When I started I used my free time (between 2:00 AM- 6:00 AM) to sleep, lol! Now I have committed to putting down the phone and the computer on the weekends and focusing on my son and reconnecting with my friends and family. They are the fuel that keeps me going.

What is the best piece you can give to others looking to launch a company in the cannabis industry?

Whitney Beatty: Make sure you love your product and your space. This is an idea you are getting in bed with not just for a week or two – it will be years! You’ll work your butt off for results that may not materialize for a while. Work anyways. Be patient and realize you will have to struggle and fight for the success you desire. There will be days you want to hide under the bed because of your failures and you have to have the persistence to get up and fight for your vision every.single.day.

Do your homework, do the research, and listen to your customer base.

As a founder, you don’t have to have all the answers – but you DO have to be willing to go out and find them, listen to all the advice you can then decide what’s best for you and your business. Your drive and will for success is everything.

Is there anything that surprised you about being an entrepreneur?

Whitney Beatty: I think I was most surprised by the innovation in the industry – in 5 years the landscape will be completely different and I’m excited for what’s to come.

How can our viewers learn more?

Whitney Beatty: Please go check out our website at www.theapothecarrycase.com and they can follow us on social media; @theapothecarry on Twitter & Instagram.

You can also find us on https://www.facebook.com/apothecarry


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