Rubegol Camping Company is a startup that focuses on developing lightweight camping and outdoor products for the beginner to the experienced active outdoorsy person.

How It Began…

Bobak, the Founder, and Creator behind Rubegol is a material’s engineer. He also enjoys the outdoors and making things with his hands. He recently purchased a 3D printer and wanted to practice using it so he decided he would print a 3D lantern.

Shortly after, he went camping with his friends, and he noticed that the overpriced lanterns were not only flawed but did not work as well as his 3D printed lantern. After that trip, he knew he wanted to do more, and so he began making products that were practical, rugged and easy to bring outdoors.

Now being an occasional recreational cannabis smoker, the topic soon turned to making a bong that too could be more functional and multi-purpose. This is where the idea evolved, and the development of the Hitty Cup began.

The Hitty Cup is an ultraportable and inconspicuous bong that you don’t have to worry about breaking. It’s a small attachment that fits right onto your camping cup, and also doubles as storage for the stem and your cannabis.

How it works:

  1. Take off the lid
    2. Remove the stem
    3. Add water to the cup
    4. Put stem in hole on top of lid
    5. Add flower
    6. Enjoy

Now although you can’t get your hands on a Hitty Cup right away, you can go and support this cannabis entrepreneur through his Indiegogo campaign. The starting cost to get your own Hitty Cup through the campaign is only $25 + shipping.

Not one who likes the outdoors and wondering if this is of interest to many, just by looking through his current backers, he has already raised $3,272 through 28 backers with 8 of them spending over $231.

How much is Rubegol Camping Company looking to raise?

It would take $16,000 to cover all manufacturing costs. This includes $11,000 for the expense of the mold for injection molding, $3,000 for the Hitty Cup Lids, $1,000 for parts which include the O-Rings, Stems and Bottle Opener and $1,000 for the camping mugs.

Highlights: What I find interesting is the simplicity of this device and the mission that all products he develops leave the smallest carbon footprint possible.

Whether you’re a camper, hiker, or just enjoy being in the great outdoors, the Hitty Cup is the perfect accessory for your active lifestyle.

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