Shipt, a grocery and alcohol delivery service, was one of the first companies to empower people by allowing them to work for themselves and offer an on-demand grocery service that has been a long unfulfilled need.

Other companies have adopted the same service such as Uber with their Uber Eats application (e.g. Postmates). These businesses have paved the way for organizations like Eaze, an on demand cannabis delivery service located in California, to grow their service fast.

How does Eaze work?

With functionalities similar to Shipt and Uber Eats, the user just downloads the Eaze app, orders online to a nearby dispensary, and then the cannabis is delivered to your front door in a short frame of time.

State of Cannabis Data Report

Eaze released their second annual State of Cannabis Data Report which explores trends in consumer demographics and behaviors, product preferences, how cannabis is affecting the use of alcohol and painkillers, and more. All of the trends mentioned, and more, affect how Cannabis businesses are driving and how the sale of cannabis is viewed.

How does having access to this data drive business?

Dispensary owners can see where the most people are that are purchasing cannabis from the app. For example, Eaze ranked which areas in California have the most deliveries. East Bay came in first, followed by San Francisco in second, and Peninsula/Silicon Valley in third. The dispensary owner could make decisions such as where to place another dispensary.

Also, they know that most of their clientele is in East Bay. Knowing the general location of where your customers and target audience are, is a huge plus to being successful on the customer service side of the cannabis industry. In the report, Eaze also found out the most popular strains in California in 2016 which were Gorilla Glue #4 in the first place, Jack Herer in second place, and Bubba Kush in third.

This drives business because dispensaries need to know which strains people are buying the most of to make better decisions on what they need to keep in stock.

What are other data points has Eaze tracked?

According to their data, Northern California leads in the edible, concentrate, and vaporizer purchases, while Southern California leads in flower purchases. This affects the sale because it is important to know what consumers in your location are more interested in. Eaze also reported data from which holidays garner the most cannabis use.

Of course, April 20th is leading by a landslide, followed by Green Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving). This is important to know because a dispensary would either put a particular strain on sale or stay open later/open earlier to accommodate the upcoming crowd.

The cannabis world is starting to switch in people preferring to use vaporizers than traditional ways of consuming cannabis. The report in Eaze also confirms it because they said in 2015, only 7% of individuals ordered a vaporizer cartridge, however in 2016 31% of people ordered a vaporizer cartridge.

Where else could this app be used?

Everywhere! Once dispensaries start popping up when medical and recreational cannabis goes legal, Eaze will be an easy transition to a safe and legal way of obtaining your cannabis.

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