Eaze founder, Keith McCarty, stepped down from his position as CEO of Eaze this past week.

EazeMD launched July 2014 and is a leading healthcare digital platform that provides patients with medical cannabis evaluations and recommendations by seamlessly connecting patients to doctors via live video. EazeMD makes doctors more accessible, and the process of obtaining a medical cannabis recommendation more convenient and affordable. Since Eaze’s launch, the company now serves hundreds of thousands of patients across nearly 100 cities in California.

On the forefront of their growth, Eaze closed $13 million in Series B funding from Fresh VC, DCM Ventures and Tusk Ventures, back in October 2016. With funding Eaze knew they needed to put its’ efforts towards establishing itself as a recognized brand in and out of California, especially as several states have now legalized the use of marijuana and nine more states had legislation on the November ballot relating to some form of legalization.

Eaze stated that they are excited to announce that Founder Keith McCarty has elected Chief Product and Technology Officer, Jim Patterson, to become their new CEO. McCarty will remain on the board of directors, “as a strategic advisor” for company growth. Jim Patterson was recruited May of 2016 and took on as the head of Eaze’s technology team.

In the past few months, Jim has more than tripled their product and excelled the engineer team. Prior to joining Eaze, Jim was the founder and CEO of Zinc (formerly Cotap) and Chief Product Officer at Yammer and has a proven track record of building innovative technology products and has an acute understanding of the cannabis industry.

Eaze released in a statement, Patterson is the guy for the next phase of growth. “His management background and technology expertise make him uniquely positioned to lead Eaze during a period of rapid industry growth. As our company expands, Jim has the experience to lead us through our next chapter, and we cannot wait to see where he takes us next.”

We are excited to see where Jim takes Eaze in the upcoming year as the industry and company expands in 2017.

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