On June 30th, Eaze announced it’s expansion to over 60 cities. Eaze, a startup out of San Francisco, offers real-time medical recommendation evaluations. Since November 2014, Eaze has raised a total of $12.5 million from investors. Cannabis startups make up nearly 50% of the burgeoning cannabis industry. With rivals like Meadow ubering over a doctor, Eaze uses instant video phone calls instead and they live up to their name. Eaze is the first delivery app that offers instant telehealth to patients in need of a recommendation.

The last time I renewed my doctor’s recommendation, I was approved via Skype. More and more physicians are recommending cannabis through streaming video. Eaze allows “legally certified third-party doctor’s to issue cannabis cards.” Eaze founder Keith McCarty told TechCrunch “Telehealth is accepted across 28 states and 23 states have made marijuana for medical reasons legal. It’s accepted across the California Medical Board.”

Since it is illegal in California for a dispensary to refer a patient to a doctor, non-doctors(Eaze and Meadow) can refer patients to a doctor then connect them with a dispensary.

Many new cannabis-related apps worry about legal restrictions. Telehealth is legal in most states with medical marijuana. So far, the system seems to be working efficiently and without disruption.“There’s no reason you should have to actually dispatch a doctor and it really just streamlines the process.” says McCarty. A recommendation via video on Eaze is $25. The medical marijuana card is issued to the phone electronically and the deliveries can begin immediately. Eaze is also a delivery app and your medication will arrive in as early as 15 minutes. It’s open seven days a week from 8:00 AM until midnight.

Eaze has raised the bar when it comes to home delivery and to the patients that don’t already hold a doctor’s recommendation. Eaze can face-time you with a doctor, issue the recommendation, and have your medication delivery coming in no time.

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