The Dipstick Vaporizer is a top choice among wax concentrate vaporizer lovers. Unlike other vaporizers, their patented Vapor Tip quickly heats and allows users to consume directly from the concentrate container. Just pull from the mouthpiece while touching the concentrate with the Vapor Tip and you’re already enjoying your concentrate.

What is the Dipper?

The Dipper is an electronic nectar collector from Dipstick Vapes that allows the user to consume concentrates directly from their container at home or on-the-go, and there’s an attachment that allows the device to function like a handheld vaporizer pen while hitting like a true dab.

The product’s design prevents many of the frustrations that come with traditional packable pens (messes, leaks, clogs, and so on). It’s also a great entry point for casual users who are intimidated by the use of a dab rig and torch but still want to try consuming concentrates.

How does the Dipper work?

The Dipper is battery operated and powered on and off the same way; by consecutively pressing the button five times. It also automatically turns off every 10 seconds if it’s in a dormant state for safety and preservation.

Power the vape on, attach the magnetic mouthpiece, screw on the coil, load your product into the gas chamber, power it up, wait for it to glow red, insert the tip into your concentrate, and then enjoy.

What features are included in the Dipper?

From instant heat coils to the innovative, replaceable vapor tip atomizer. There is also the replaceable quartz crystal atomizer. When looking at the device you will notice the compact design, durability, a dual-purpose mouthpiece/cap and the micro-USB rechargeable battery.

What problem is the Dipper solving?

Concentrates are the fastest growing segment in the industry, however, a lot of casual users are intimidated by the traditional use of a rig and a torch. The Dipper allows for a more approachable consumption option, as well as a great mobile option for more frequent users.

What makes this device unique?

The dipper has a unique Vapor Tip Atomizer that allows users to consumer concentrates directly from their containers!

Who is the team behind the Dipper?

The company was founded by Chief Engineer Matt Watson. Matt brought in a few partners to take the business to the next level, including the President, Jeffrey Zucker, and Mike Bologna, the CEO, of Green Lion Partners.

Future plans for Dipstick Vapes?

Also available is an accessory called the DipWhip which connects your Dipper to a 14mm glass pipe. Dipstick Vapes will be supplementing their line with replacement tips, concentrate holders, and accessories later this year.

As the brand continues to grow, Dipstick Vapes plans to release new and innovative products to market that similarly solve issues that keep consumers from having the perfect cannabis experience.

To learn more, watch the video below or to get your own Dipper by Dipstick Vapes, click here. 

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