Desert Hot Springs First Cultivation Site, Canndescent

DCNTV had the honor of meeting with the team behind Canndescent, the first cultivation site in Desert Hot Springs to open their doors.

About Candescent;
At CANNDESCENT, they are focused on producing the best cannabis flowers available. They are fortunate to have 70+ years of collective growing expertise embedded in our cultivation team, and when combined with the deep operational and technical strength of their management team, they are able to produce California’s highest quality cannabis flower. From their strain specific, micro-grow rooms, through hand trimming every flower by the stem, they preserve the full flavor and integrity of their medicine. In short, they spare no expense in an effort to produce flowers that deliver the best-curated experiences for their patients. Whether it’s time to relax, enjoy an energetic outing, share an intimate moment, or refresh with a stress-free sleep, they help you make the best of your experiences. They call it being CANNDESCENT, being your best self at any moment.

Quite like the graphic user interface humanized technology in the early 1980s, Canndescent humanizes and democratizes cannabis flower by eliminating strain names and describing effects. Curating flowers with names like Calm No. 101 or Charge No. 508, Canndescent makes the category more shoppable, approachable, and intuitive. This allows both experts and novices alike to curate, control, and enrich their cannabis journey, pairing strains with activities. If you can answer the simple question,
“How do I want to feel,” you can enjoy The Art of Flower.™

Watch our episode of Coffee and Cannabis where the host’s reviewed Canndescent strains, click here.

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