DCNTV: Femme Nuri’s CBD Education Event; Sponsored by Elixinol

On this episode of DCNTV we were invited to attend Femme Nuri’s free CBD educational event in Encinitas, CA. This opportunity was available due to our Elixinol sponsor.

Guests were treated to educational speakers and a panel Q&A with industry professionals. Along with the education, Elixinol and ClubM were in attendance with samples and high CBD products available.

Speakers: Christy Thiel of Elixinol, Leone Posod & Cindy Pinzon of Treat Yourself, Katina Morales of Betty Khronic and Melissa Stapley

Meet the Sponsor Elixinol

Elixinol was founded by a group of passionate leaders, committed to increasing awareness of how people can live long, healthy lives, and reducing the amount of disease we see in our world today.

Since 1991, Elixinol Co-Founder Paul Benhaim has been a global leader in the industrial hemp industry. Over decades he has built deep relationships with the top hemp experts in the world. He is the founder of Hemp Foods Australia and has been cultivating and manufacturing hemp on a large scale around the world.

As scientific research continues to validate the powerful impact of CBD and other hemp-based cannabinoids on human health, people around the world have reached out to Paul for his expertise in developing CBD and other cannabinoid products.

Commitment to Excellence
As a pioneer in a fast-growing, worldwide industry Paul quickly identified the challenges that many CBD manufacturers were facing — while he also maintained his excitement about the potential to have a massive positive on global health. He noticed companies struggling with issues of consistency, quality control, education and overall business operations.
With a record of success in sourcing only the highest-quality hemp from select locations around the world, and proven expertise in product development, manufacturing, and fulfillment, Paul realized he had an obligation to create a world-class organization devoted to excellence in the delivery of CBD and hemp oil.

Meet the Organizer Femme Nuri

Starting with cannabis can be intimidating and overwhelming, and lack of experience makes one feel vulnerable. New patients can feel confused by so many choices and conflicting information. Femme Nuri can help ease those fears with peers to help guide and transition those looking for help. Femme Nuri is plugged into the cannabis community locally as well as, at large. This allows Femme Nuri to assist in find and filter opportunities. For their more experienced members are always happy to contribute in evaluating options and providing perspectives, a valuable tool to any learning experience.

Femme Nuri believes in providing education to the public in an effort to disseminate relevant and current information about cannabis in a positive way to build public relations. We mean to help educate our governing populace and the general public with a focus on women and improving women’s health while encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Knowledge is power.

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