Holiday Gift Guide 2016

DCN’s Editors Top Innovative and Tech Gift Picks 2016

Yes, it is the season for tech.

You can’t escape it — the holiday gift-giving season is upon us. The shopping started on Black Friday and then came Cyber Monday, and will no doubt be the focus every free moment up until the morning the presents are unwrapped.

But fear not, DCN has compiled a list (and checking it twice) of the top 16 gadget and gifts of the most innovative gift recommendations to consider for the cannabis tech enthusiast in your life!

The M Box – Limited edition Mbox 1k

For the discriminating cannabis connoisseur an assortment of products (flower, edibles, and vapes) and related accessories (rollers, grinders, dabbing tools and the like) delivered in the customer’s choice of either a custom box made by Apothecarry.

The Mbox, ClubM’s disruptive innovation in how people get their cannabis. Californians can now get a monthly shipment of themed, curated premium cannabis concentrates, vapes, edibles, and flowers, plus selected merchandise and music delivered to your door via our premier service, the Mbox. When a member finds a product they love, they can order more online from ClubM, with fast delivery and free shipping.

Cost: $1,000  ($1k a bit steep, you can still gift a 3-month subscription, plus 1 bonus month for only $290 every 5 months.)


LEVO is simple.It automates a traditional method of oil infusion that’s usually messy and tedious so that more of us can enjoy homemade edibles, wellness products, and other creations.

With LEVO, the possibilities are endless. You can infuse coconut oil with vanilla for a more flavorful cake. You can create rosemary olive oil for a marinade. You can craft your own salt scrub. In addition to a culinary oil infusion, LEVO has a number of aromatherapy and other holistic applications.

All this, without the cleanup of a traditional oil infusion. After using LEVO, all you have to do is throw the reservoir into the dishwasher and enjoy!

Cost: $139.99


From sleep to calm to bliss to relief, there are many reasons to use a hmbldt dose pen™. And one very easy way to use it.

The hmbldt dose pen uses superior vaporization elements designed to heat our formulas to a precise temperature to deliver help quickly and accurately. Consistent dosage is guaranteed through three key features: optimized temperature control controlled airflow and time control.

Cost: $100.00 (About 200 doses)

Pax Era

The Pax era is a radical new approach to experience concentrates. Exclusively compatible with PAX Era Pods, Era delivers the most flavorful and consistently satisfying taste yet.

Cost: $59.99 (1 year warranty)




Magic Flight: Concentrate bundle

This bundle features the new Power Adapter 2.1 with a sleek Walnut Orbiter and Walnut Muad-Dib. Together, these three Magic-Flight fan favorites allow for a cooler, smoother way to enjoy your favorite concentrates.

Cost: $215.00 (Each product is handcrafted with love from San Diego, Ca)

FireFly 2 Vaporizer

This is the vaporizer we’ve all been waiting for. It vaporizes loose-leaf and concentrates, heats in seconds, and delivers consistently superb vapor quality. It’s 55% lighter and 33% smaller than Firefly 1, with customizable temperature settings, an efficient fast-charge battery, and delightful ease of use.

Cost: $329.95

Firefly 2 Black Color w/Free 2 Inch Aerospace 4 piece grinders


Printabowl, uses 3D printing technology to create some of the first high-quality, design-minded water pipes. Printed in ceramic, each elevation instrument undergoes a thorough inspection to ensure standard-exceeding quality and durability as pieces of fine art, physical manifestations of 3D printing’s earliest impact on smoking culture.

Cost: $109.00-$299.00 (Custom design process available)


The Herbalizer’s components are inert—meaning, they don’t off-gas or impart flavor. From the quartz halogen bulb, stainless steel airway, and medical grade silicone, we spared no expense in the Herbalizer’s components. All you experience is pure, clean, flavorful vapor.

Beauty and brains, the Herbalizer is all that. Intelligent software monitors usage to prevent overheating, while a tilt sensor will cause the heater to shut down if knocked over, and if you walk away for too long sleep mode is automatically activated—so you can breathe easy.

Cost: $599.00

Apothecarry Case

The purveyor of fine herb accouterment. A full herb organizational system designed to keep your products fresh, arranged and secure.  It’s a technologically advanced case that serves to completely redefine the modern smoking experience with goods that are discreet, practical, and offer the luxury and class that the proud modern smoker demands.

Cost: $259.00


The Myster Stash Tray Bundle Edition:  The stainless steel tray is made from two stamped sheets that are hand welded together to form a mirror finish around the edge.  The container creates a tight seal with sonic welding around the viewing lens. The four-part aluminum grinder is top-quality.  The ashtray includes a pipe spike for cleaning a bowl after you’re finished.  The top of the ashtray flips over and becomes a bowl stand for both 14mm and 18 mm. The magnetic lighter case fits the standard mini bic and can hang out on your refrigerator. The magnetic stickers allow you to attach your rolling papers or other accessories.  The micro-fiber cleaning cloth helps to always keep your station shining.  The hand made book box (included with the first edition) allows you to pack up everything and place it on your shelf.

Cost: $129.00 Normally $195.00 (Estimated delivery for the Book Box is Feb. 2017)

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO™

The VapeXhale Cloud EVO™ is here.  The EVO™ was designed from the ground up to produce the thickest, tastiest, and most potent vapor possible. The patent pending PerpetuHeat system generates quick, consistent and non-eroding heat. Traditional vaporizers produce differing vapor density depending on your inhalation style. With the VapeXhale PerpetuHeat System, you always get thick and tasty vapor no matter if you have the lungs of an Olympic swimmer or those of an octogenarian.

Cost: $349.99- $449.99


 Fashionable, functional odor-controlling accessories to carry cannabis. AnnaBís helps women feel stylish, free and secure when carrying their cannabis, but there’s something deeper.

Cost: $70.00 – $245.00

The Chewy Grinder

The world’s first truly portable herb grinder. Store grind and load your herb anywhere. The Chewy’s new patented revolutionary system allows you to grind your herb almost anywhere. We’ve put the Chewy through every test to deliver the perfect grind. With our patented loading and grinding system Chewy’s rotary blades pull the herb into the blades rather than pressing the herb.

Cost: $89.99

Chewy Grinder

The Black Rock OG

The Safety Case is the most versatile smell proof stash box for professionals on the go. Its smell-proof stealth design ensures no one notices you’re stocked, and the weatherized exterior protects your supplies from the elements. Inspired by travel and influenced by adventure, the pocket-sized Safety Case has been engineered as the ultimate smell proof stash box for your smoking and vaping essentials. It’s the thinnest vaporizer pen case and stash box available today. With its refined look and premium construction, the Safety Case keeps your stash discreetly.

Cost:  $89.95 Full Kit

RYOT® Multi Utility Tool

The RYOT® Utility Tool – Whether it be poking, scraping, dabbing, scooping, cutting, grinding, drinking or anything that having the right tool for the job makes all the difference, the sleek forged stainless steel construction is guaranteed to provide its owner a long useful life. The hardened stainless steel lightweight construction can easily be carried around in your pocket. Another great innovation by RYOT®.

Cost: $49.00

RYOT® Multi Utility Tool

Hydrology 9 by Cloudious 9

The Hydrology 9 vaporizer keeps it cool with liquid filtration. This is the first portable vaporizer with leak resistant integrated water filtration system.

The patent pending integrated “Tunnel Tube” water filtration system provides for a cleaner and smoother inhalation with no additional attachments or setup while maintaining 360-degree leak protection. Other innovative features of the Hydrology9 include:

  • Even heat distribution 
  • Precise temperature control 
  • Temperature integrity maintenance 

Cost: TBD (Product available in 2017. Sign up now to get your hands on for your favorite tech canna-connoisseur.)


The Leaf is a plug-n-plant™ system that automatically grows medical plants and food and is controlled by your smartphone. Think of it as a beautiful mini fridge that stocks itself with high quality, pesticide-free, natural medicine and food.

Cost: TBD  (Pre-Order and surprise your cannatech enthusiast with their very own LEAF.)

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