DCN Talks

Kimberly Simms of The Law Offices of Kimberly Simms Discusses Business, Regulation and California Cannabis.

Sara Gullickson of Dispensary Permits Discusses Regulation, Licenses and Business

Troy Dayton of the Arcview Group Shares Insight on Investment, Entrepreneurship and Advocacy

Steve Mackey Provides Insight on the Importance off RFID

Molly Peckler Discusses What It Means to be a Cannabis Friendly Life Coach and Dating Expert

Jennifer Clifton Discusses Cannabis Business Law For The Entrepreneur

Whitney Beatty on Launching a Luxury Product in the Cannabis Industry

Sumit of Mazakali Offers Entrepreneur and Investor Insight

Eric Gomez Discusses San Diego’s First Cannabis Accelerator

Jack Scatizzi Tells You How to Apply To A Cannabis Accelerator

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