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  • A Gap in Standards Leads to Industry Uncertainty About Synthetic CBD
    By William Sumner, Hemp Business Journal Contributor How do you know that the hemp-derived CBD products you have purchased came from hemp and not another source? The answer is, you do not. There are no state, federal, or industry guidelines for companies selling CBD products to disclose how they source their CBD. Facing a serious problem that threatens the mass-market […]
    Chris Hudock
  • Will Provisional Licenses Save California’s Cannabis Industry
    Results from a gap in California’s cultivation licensing between those growers holding active licenses, inactive licenses, or temporary licenses soon to expire mean that: Prices will be higher — With the California market already constrained, the licensing gap will drive up prices; the combination of higher prices and higher taxes will push legal consumers out […]
    Craig Boyte
  • Licensing Crisis Lends a Toxic Tarnish to the Golden State’s Legal Cannabis Market
    By J.J. McCoy, Senior Managing Editor, New Frontier Data What happens if you throw a party and then take the guests’ invitations away? That, in short, is what state cannabis regulators in California are finding out. Yet all glibness aside, it represents a looming issue which while awaiting a remedy threatens to inexorably choke the […]
    Craig Boyte
  • Ask Our Experts 4/14/2019: Are there any other cannabinoids from the plant which might have value on the market?
    By J.J. McCoy, Senior Managing Editor, New Frontier Data   Q: Of course, the average consumer knows about the cannabinoids THC and CBD, but are there any others from the plant which might have value on the market?   A: No fewer than 113 different cannabinoids have reportedly been isolated from the cannabis plant. While the […]
    Craig Boyte
  • Confusion and Unsubstantiated Claims Are Still Surrounding CBD Sales
    By William Sumner, Hemp Business Journal Contributor When the 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law last year, the Hemp Business Journal (HBJ) had predicted that mass-market retailers would quickly see clear to begin carrying topical products containing hemp-based CBD. In March, the pharmacy retail chain CVS announced it would start carrying CBD products in over 800 stores throughout 10 […]
    Chris Hudock
  • Consumer Populations Do Not Always Correlate to Frequency of Cannabis Usage
    By J.J. McCoy, Senior Managing Editor, New Frontier Data New Frontier Data estimates that there are 263 million cannabis consumers globally – 6% of the world’s adults –  revealing in new detail the extent to which cannabis is used worldwide. Yet within and across the continents, the relative rates of consumption vary widely, reflecting broadly […]
    Craig Boyte
  • 5 Key Factors to Consider Before Making a Cannabis Acquisition
    By Beau Whitney, VP and Senior Economist, New Frontier Data; and Andrew R. Lines, MAI, Principal, CohnReznick With talk of a looming recession, analysts predict that given a downturn there will be a short list of growth industries capable of delivering a healthy return on investment. Cannabis is near the top of it: Spending on […]
    Craig Boyte
  • Ask Our Experts 4/7/2019: Does age or politics shape consumers view on cannabis legalization?
    By John Kagia, Chief Knowledge Officer, New Frontier Data   Q: Does age or politics shape consumers view on cannabis legalization?    A: The newly released General Social Survey, the biannual survey of U.S. national opinion survey by the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center, shows continued national support for cannabis legalization, with some […]
    Craig Boyte
  • Global Cannabis Usage Rates by Region
    As part of our broader global-demand modeling efforts, New Frontier Data has developed a groundbreaking new model for estimating the worldwide total number of cannabis consumers. With more than 260 million cannabis consumers worldwide, the global cannabis consumer market is far larger, more geographically distributed, and more lucrative than indicated by the few legalized markets. […]
    Craig Boyte
  • Why Oh Why is Wyoming Waiting to Grow Hemp?
    By William Sumner, Hemp Business Journal Contributor With passage of the Farm Bill last year, the landscape has changed dramatically for the hemp industry. After decades of prohibition, hemp cultivation is once again legal in the U.S., and states are looking to the crop to help boost their local economies. One such state is Wyoming, whose governor recently signed into […]
    Craig Boyte