On this new editorial series, the Consciousness Entrepreneur, Mommy Jane will be sharing with you all her journey of being a mompreneur, as she builds her path and continues to grow her voice in the cannabis industry.  

Who is Mommy Jane?

The Mommy Jane is a doting mother of two girls and walking cannabis success story located out of Orange County, California. After using the cannabis plant medicinally to wean herself off SSRI’s and lose 100 pounds of post-baby weight, The Mommy Jane decided to put her face forward on social media and prove to the world that you can use cannabis to live your best life! Her weekly live talks on Instagram showcase other success stories in the cannabis community and provide insight into what it is like to grow from the ground up in the industry.     

Cannabis Brought Me Here

Cannabis brought me here. Well, that and a 100-pound weight loss. Coincidentally, cannabis brought me there as well. You see, I have never been a stranger to being a bigger woman. I was overweight most of life, yo-yo-ing up and down through my teens and 20’s but once I hit my 30’s the weight loss game began to change, and not in my favor. That was also when I had my second child. Along with the newfound aging metabolism and baby came an extra 100 pounds, which would end up taking me three years and a medical marijuana card to eventually lose. Little did I know, by losing all that weight, I would gain myself a community and start a movement in the cannabis industry for consciousness, wellness and a dose of reality.

 It began a little over a year ago. I had already found success in my weight loss journey, and fresh out of attending my first Women’s Cannabis 101 event hosted by Ozzie Okay-Villa of Oov. Parading around town with my newly prescribed medical marijuana card and rapture from the event, I was primed to tell the world about this miracle plant. What better place to start than social media?

Finding A Name

As I meditated on a name, “The Mommy Jane” struck down like lightning and I knew right then and there, I had something. Immediately hopping online, I grabbed the Instagram handle from the virtual sky and made my first post dedicated to Orange County. In my mind, they needed the education on cannabis most. However, I soon discovered that people from all over needed The Mommy Jane just as much as they needed this plant.

 I admit at first I did my best to remain anonymous and refrained from displaying my entire face. Sticking solely to posts showcasing cannabis strains, or products I knew that parents would benefit from, with a heavy dose of myth-busting facts and quotes that proved the cannabis plant was indeed a necessary form of medication and should be treated as such. Not long after I started my cannabis educating on Instagram, Disneyland kicked me out for having a CBD vape pen on my purse.

That humiliating incident was my call to action to introduce myself on social media as a mother who was tired of being treated like a criminal for my choice of medication. Determined to end the stigma, not only for myself but for everyone else, I came out of the closet to be the “anti-stigma” for cannabis. My husband, a videographer, suggested the power of video, and that became the method to show my followers the everyday life of a successful and well-adjusted cannamom finding her place in the industry.

From the shameful sides of unsupportive friends and family members to a slew of terrible business decisions with all the wrong people, and event after failed event after failed event. To my surprise, the number of loyal viewers grew and grew each week. They became supportive of my success and commiserated my failures, and not long after the community that grew within The Mommy Jane began supporting each other.

Through my trials and tribulations grew a space for like-minded people wanting to end the stigma for themselves, discover their space in the industry, find healing from the plant and some days lift each other up when the going gets tough. At a time when there is an abundance of parties and perks flaunted on social media, I produced a behind-the-scenes look at the growing pains in our industry. The dirt had to be shown as well because that is where all the flowers grow, and where I began to bloom.

In addition to daily videos, I now host weekly Instagram Live interviews of cannabis success stories that shine a light on the patients and products and non-profits of our industry. This allows real people to tell their tale of how they found cannabis and what the plant has done for them. Doing these weekly interviews has lead viewers to find a cannabis success story of their own, and that is what drives me to do this daily.

Providing an open dialogue between myself and my community isn’t always easy, and it certainly comes with some heavy loads. Desperate followers reach out to me every day asking for help, advice, how to properly talk to their kids about cannabis, what to give their uncle dying of cancer or their husband who now has Parkinson’s disease. Luckily there are also the lighthearted questions mixed in such as “Will CBD get me high?” and “Have you ever used THC lube?”.

They also want to know how I lost weight, how I got in the industry, what makes me stay so positive, how did I wean myself off of all prescription drugs, and most importantly, why do I decide to stay in an industry where people are constantly getting kicked around? Without a doubt, I know why I stay in it, and so I proudly tell them, “I am here for the people and for the plant.”

Cannabis brought me here, and I am not going anywhere.

Stay tuned as the Mommy Jane brings you along her journey to building a brand and her path to entrepreneurship.

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