Confident Cannabis is a real-time database for cannabis, it is also known as a cannabis specific laboratory information management system (LIMS) that could potentially grow to become a cannabis “stock exchange”, where growers and sellers connect. Keep in mind, the data collected by Confident Cannabis tracks the effects of different marijuana strains which differ depending on the species (Sativa or Indica), strain, and quality.

Confident Cannabis serves both producers and laboratories.

Growers, manufacturers, and wholesalers are considered “producers” in the cannabis industry. The current system in place for producers to receive reports containing the following results: THC amount, strain, species, etc., are housed in PDFs and Excel sheets from the labs. The solution that Confident Cannabis has come up with allows producers to now have the ability to log into a secure app to get readable, trackable charts on their products’ details.

Producers also have the option to print out the data on professional labels to display on the products so their customers are aware of what they are purchasing, and users are able to share the reports on social media for their marketing. Another neat feature to mention is Confident Cannabis provides a certification of analysis for credibility so producers can show their cannabis is safe to smoke and free of pesticides or anything else that could alter the product.

This past February, Confident Cannabis and Cannabis Benchmarks®, a division of New Leaf Data Services, LLC, announced a partnership to bring customized wholesale pricing estimates to cannabis businesses. This partnership allows for the ability to connect user-submitted pricing data from Cannabis Benchmarks to third-party analytical laboratory testing information from the Confident Cannabis platform.

The service, launching first in Oregon, will be available to clients of any Confident Cannabis-enabled lab.

How do I get Confident Cannabis?

Third party cannabis labs can install Confident Cannabis to track and deliver the reports of the producers’ cannabis while remaining Leaf ISO/NELAP compliant. Confident Cannabis is the only free LIMS for cannabis labs and it integrates seamlessly with METRC and BioTrack.

Producers can select from a premium subscription or opt for a more basic software which includes lab result delivery, product label printing, and marketing content creation or a more robust software which includes planning resource allocation, legal compliance, and facilitation of wholesale trading.

Confident Cannabis
Other similar companies?

Confident Cannabis is new to the sector but is on its way to outgrow competitors like LeafLink. For dispensaries using LeafLink, they are able to shop for their favorite vendors (or producers) in one cart, view up-to-date vendor menus, review order history and open orders, discover new products, and request samples.

What markets are Confident Cannabis available in?

Confident Cannabis currently serves labs located in Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Vermont, and Maine. They currently have 1,500 producers using their platform, and the numbers are going up by 50% each month.

Behind the company. 

Y Combinator and StartupX Backed Company, Confident Cannabis was founded in 2015, built by 4 Stanford Grads. With a strategic approach to building a strong foundation and more importantly the team, we can see how this lead them to close their $3million seed round led by Slow Ventures.

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