Coffee & Cannabis Ep. 10 | Being A Multi Passionate Entrepreneur | Special Guest Mskindness B

Coffee & Cannabis Ep. 10 | Being A Multi Passionate Entrepreneur | Special Guest Mskindness B of Elixirs by Kindness

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On this week of Coffee & Cannabis, the topic was about being a multi passionate entrepreneur. Adelia, Roni and Christina were joined by guest of the week, Mskindess B of Elixirs by Kindness. Learn more on what is a multi passionate entrepreneur, more about Mskindness, Elixirs by Kindness and Alchemy Lounge.

Who is Mskindness B? 

Mskindness is her given name and a self-proclaimed calling to a life of philanthropy and service. She left a successful career in large scale fundraising before becoming a high school math teacher, when a bad slip and fall during her second pregnancy meant that she found herself in constant pain. Her path to cannabis was quick and paved with clarity because everywhere she looked for natural pain remedies, the miracle plant was the recommendation.

It’s been almost 5 years since her first new moon to full moon tincture experiment. And in 2015, she founded Elixirs by Kindness™. Her boutique line of cannabis infused remedies are made for women and shared through intimate events called Kind Socials™. She is also a partner in The Alchemy Lounge™, members only Cannabis Social club located in Downtown Los Angeles. Mskindness is a wife, mother and all around hard working lady.

“I’m committed to the wonderful journey God’s Plant has put me on. For me, it’s simple. Cannabis calms the chaos.” ~Mskindness B.

What is Elixirs by Kindness™?

Cannabis Infused Apothecary

Elixirs by Kindness™ is a craft line of cannabis remedies made for the modern renaissance woman. Our signature micro-dosed tincture spray, the EBK Cannamizer™, leads a unique line of tinctures, topicals and cooking oils that offer convenient, discreet, and refillable packaging!

At EBK, we’ve seen that in today’s chaotic environment, most women, especially mothers, do not take the time to properly care for themselves. Let alone seek out remedies for healing that aren’t readily and easily available. And we know that when ingested, cannabis can do wonders for both our physical and mental well-being. That’s why we developed our Kind Social™ events. These personally-hosted, tailored gatherings provide a safe environment for new and existing patients to discover our elixirs and learn how cannabis can help to improve their everyday lives.

Elixirs by Kindness™ are strain specific, infused with top shelf organic herbs, and used to manage issues such as:
chronic pain,
Restless Leg Syndrome,
Lupus and more.
We’re a CA cannabis brand committed to making excellent medicine while providing kind, personalized service to our patients.

What is the Alchemy Lounge?

Located in the soul of DTLA, the Alchemy Lounge™ is a private and elegant space where members over 21 years of age can legally and safely consume medical cannabis. Our members enjoy the privileges of magical collaboration with other industry connoisseurs and gain the opportunity to learn about & experience the newest products on the market, all while consuming their medical cannabis using the finest quality glassware available.

Join us for special events, member classes, concerts, game nights and more! We welcome cannabis brands, patients, and consumers over 21, as well as anyone curious about the cannabis community.

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Adelia Carrillo, Founder of Direct Cannabis Network
Roni Stetter, Founder of Righteous Relations
Christina Carrillo, Founder of Ohana Co.
Video and Digital Media:
Stephen S.

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