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Featured Products: B-Edibles and Kushy Punch 

On this week of Coffee & Cannabis, Adelia, Roni and Christina tested out B Edibles and Kushy Punch.

What is B Edibles? 

B Edibles

B-Edibles officially launched February of this year with our organic cotton candy infused with cannabis. B-edibles’s mission is to create great-tasting, sweet, organic edibles while building a diverse cannabis community that embraces and promotes individuality.

From the Owner:

Before I started this business in the cannabis community, I noticed a lack of uniqueness–everything started to look alike! Products and brands had the same colors, themes, taglines, etc. For decades, I had a personal struggle with my individuality. I thought for many years that being myself wasn’t an option because work didn’t approve or people around me thought I wasn’t like them. Fast forward to this past year, I thought that if I was going to be a part of my cannabis community, I would need to fit in with what already existed. I didn’t identify with anything that was available.

B-Edibles (“Be”) embraces uniqueness, self-respect, happiness, and confidence. Introducing cannabis into my life wasn’t just helping with my endometriosis pain, it helped me love myself again and be happy with the woman I have become. I truly believe that Be will help with breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis with its colorful approach specifically in the Hispanic community. What better way to do it than with sweet edibles that make you smile.

This 2 letter word is the be-ginning. Be amazing, Be loved, Be pain-free, Be colorful, Be medicated, Be yourself, just start Being.

B-Edibles’ infused sugar cubes are:

· Micro-dosed with 10 mg of THC per cube.

· Made with Supercritical CO2 cannabis oil.

· Include two grams of organic sugar cane crystals with only five calories.

· Non-GMO, organic and vegan.

· Handmade and lab tested.

· Medicated with small amounts of THC to help patients with their needs.

B-edibles is also working on sugar substitute cubes that diabetic and cancer patients can use. Each package of sugar cubes contains 48 individual cubes at 10mg of THC per sugar cube. We lab test with PharmLabs to ensure proper dosing and consistency.

What is Kushy Punch? 

Kushy Punch

Our passion at Kushy Punch is to make every person that comes into contact with our products better, healthier and happier.

To create the best cannabis products on earth, we start with the best organic ingredients we can get our hands on.

Always sourced locally. We make sure everything we release from our factory holistically fulfills the needs of your mind, body, and soul.

We start with YOU in mind of course. The patient.

Beginning the process with the most natural and freshest products we can find, we then mix ingredients known to be safe and effective in treating multiple disorders and illnesses.

We go deep into the mountains to curate the freshest cannabis plants for our extraction process.

As a result, we’re able to yield the purest cannabis oils ever found on the planet.

We never give you the cheaper alternative.

Our extraction methods are solvent-free and pure.

The end result is a medicine that is not only good for the mind, body, & soul but also for the taste buds.

We value hard work and humility above all else.

Kushy Punch believes in creating a product, not for the exchange of money, but to promote health & wellness within our community as well as society at large.

At work, we’re a family, all pitching in to produce a product, we are proud and confident will change the world!

We’re members of your local community too!

Our dream is to live in a world where poverty and hunger don’t exist and people can work together to create healthy communities that can thrive as one.

Even if it inspires the mind of one person to bring about change in their own life or community, planting the seeds of change are the only way we can grow as a planet.

We risk our lives and the livelihoods of our families every day in an industry that is still federally illegal.

We strongly believe our method, however, is the best route and measure for us to make an impact on human health and society.

We wake up every morning and resume our work knowing we help change lives and contribute positivity to the world.

The industry our community is forging is one that will be here long after we are gone. As the pioneers, we know the value of what we’re making.

There’s a reason why cannabis has been used in the medicines of our ancestors for thousands of years.

We get to impact the lives of thousands daily by giving them nature’s cure- perfectly balanced and packaged for consumption.

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