Coffee & Cannabis Season 2 | Special Guest Jeanine Moss of Annabis

Coffee and Cannabis | When Business and Fashion Collide | Special Guest Jeanine Moss of Annabis
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On this week of Coffee & Cannabis, the topic was when business and fashion collide. Adelia, Roni, and Christina were joined by guest of the month, Jeanine Moss of Annabis, Learn what it’s like to run a successful accessories company, and also about Jeanine’s background and more about Annabis.

About Jeanine Moss

Jeanine Moss has a lifetime of cannabis, branding, marketing, and new product development experience.  She loves being part of the new legal cannabis culture and is creating products that help women live it, own it and love it.  She’s thrilled to work with the best fashion designers on the planet!

Jeanine Moss is a branding and marketing expert who began her career in new product development for companies like Kraft Food and Seven-Up.  A trend-spotter and innovator, she created the Fun Pass and Restaurant Week for New York City, Bring Your Parents to Work Day for Organic, the first newsletter for women business travelers, and headed communications for The September 11th Fund.  Jeanine owned and operated the marketing firm Turning Point Solutions with clients including Accenture, HP, the United Way of America, and major government agencies prior to her role as founder and CEO of AnnaBis, the world’s first line of luxury aroma-bloc accessories with a secret compartment.  AnnaBis accessories help women feel sophisticated, free and secure when carrying their cannabis.

Story of how Annabis evolved

Jeanine Moss grew up in Venice, California, where medicating was no different than drinking a beer. After moving to New York City in the 1980’s, however, she observed that though many women on Madison Avenue and in the corporations where she rose as a marketing-communications executive medicated, secrecy was the order of the day. It was there that she observed massively successful women reduced to pulling baggies and tea tins out of their Gucci purses and acting like guilty teenagers.

If it weren’t for hip for replacement surgery, this behavior might still be true today. When traditional medicine threw Jeanine into a brain-hazed opioid hell, she found a medicine that helped her function and abates the pain. It turned out that many of her friends were doing the same thing.

After a girl’s night out that included digging through purses for medicine, lighters, mints, and perfume, Jeanine knew there had to be a better way. She didn’t feel like a criminal, and she didn’t want to act like one. She and her first business partner searched for a solution and finding none knew she had to create one. It was the dawn of the age of AnnaBis.

After the successful launch of AnnaBis in November 2015, Jeanine bought her partner’s interest, joined the green rush and relocated to Los Angeles. AnnaBis has recently launched the AnnaBis Green Guides exclusively for women. Issues of the “AnnaBis Green Guide: For Women Taking the High Road” are available at

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