Coffee & Cannabis Episode 14 | Jazmin Discusses LA Cannabis and the Working Group

Coffee & Cannabis Episode 14 | The New Year for Cannabis | Jazmin Aguiar of the Working Group

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On this week of Coffee & Cannabis, Adelia, Roni, and Christina were joined by special guest, Jazmin Aguiar of the Working Group. Learn what the cannabis landscape is like in Los Angeles and Mexico, and get educated on the launch of the Working Group.

Who is Jazmin Aguiar?

Jazmin Aguiar was born and raised in Los Angeles, Ca to Mexican parents, who instilled an entrepreneur lifestyle from a young age.
She started working at their first family business when she was 5, It was a grocery store named “Jazmin’s Market” which survived both the 1992 Los Angeles riots and 1994 Northridge earthquake.
In 1997 their family businesses expanded to commercial transportation and real estate. The drug war, broken schools systems, and violence forced her parents to relocate to Colorado in 2005. They then decided to expand both companies into the Colorado market as she stayed in LA to run existing companies.
In 2007 she moved to Colorado where she decided to enter the banking industry for 5 years where she received upper management experience in retail baking, state and federal banking compliance, business asset management, and community reinvestment agreements.

In 2012, Jazmin completed culinary arts and nutrition associates.That same year, she began her cannabis career when she discovered “Dispensaries” in Colorado. Growing up in a community where people went to jail, and some even murdered for the sale of marijuana, her MIND WAS BLOWN. She immediately begun educated herself on Colorado cannabis legislation and regulation.

In the beginning of 2013, she co-founded, RouxBlack a creative consulting firm that works with people places and things that want to expand their demographics. Her business partner Ru Johnson and Jazmin focused the launch of the company in three niche markets: Urban music, urban fashion, and minority PACs. In the summer of 2013, they added cannabis in both Spanish and English.  By 2014 adult use market opened in Colorado, which is when she was contracted by Women Grow to help expand the company. This allowed her to help expand the legal cannabis market in Mexico by importing products from Colorado companies Charlotte’s Web, and Concentrate. She even began helping draft a bill to legalize cannabis in Mexico.

During that same time, she also expanded a division of her family-owned business in cannabis transportation and cannabis commercial real estate. At the end of 2014, she got wind of Prop 64 in California and she decided to move back to LA.  During 2015, the traveling roller coaster begins, she split her time between LA, Denver, and Mexico, with conferences in the USA in between.

This led to her helping launch EXPOWEED Mexico and becoming their North American representative in 2016. In 2017 Mexico passes the bill legalizing the consumption of medical cannabis, which is also when she co-founded and produced CannabiSalud.

So what is to come for Jazmin Aguiar?

To kick off the year, she has announced the launch of THE WORKING GROUP. A collective of entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry who come together to support each other in the creation of cannabis companies through relationships and amplification of current law. Jazmin has taken on the role as the CEO of this company. She will also continue to build regulations for the city of Los Angeles, and transition operators into a regulated market.
US and Mexico Launch a cannabis education campaign in Spanish with major networks. Along with her work in Los Angeles, she will still be working directly with Mexico.

On May 18th-19th in Mexico City, they will be hosting the CannabiSalud at Intercontinental and the Expoweed on August 3rd – 5th at the World Trade Center Mexico City.

Adelia Carrillo, Founder of Direct Cannabis Network
Roni Stetter, Founder of Righteous Relations
Christina Carrillo, Founder of Ohana, Co.
Video and Digital Media:
Stephen Sanderlin

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