Coffee and Cannabis Episode 3 Part 2: Q&A’s with Heather Hoffman

Coffee and Cannabis Episode 3 Part 2: Q&A’s with Heather Hoffman. 

Each week prior to our show, we have our viewers send us questions they want us to ask our guest. Check out what our guest’s want to learn from Heather.

About Heather Hoffman:

Heather Hoffman, co-founder and chief medical officer at Pura Vida Health, is a radiant young woman who studied holistic nutrition at the Canadian Institute of Natural Nutrition. Cannabis was a way for her to help treat epilepsy, which she had since she was a child.

Pura Vida creates power bars and granolas that pair ganja with other healthful ingredients, including papaya extract, oats, and almonds, a blend that Hoffman believes “helps the body better utilize cannabis.” Available in over 100 California dispensaries, Pura Vida products use coconut oil, which “acts as a platform for cannabis to help the body absorb it, so people report getting higher quicker and feeling more of an impact.”

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