Coffee and Cannabis Episode 5 Part 2: Entrepreneurship and Economics


On this week of Coffee and Cannabis, the topic was entrepreneurship and economics. Adelia, Cara, and Roni were joined by guest of the week, Simone Cimiluca Radzins, Founding Partner of Liv Consulting and Founder of Kalogia.

Join the ladies to see what kind of insight Simone provides and see what kind of questions our viewers asked Simone on entrepreneurship, taxes, and more.

Meet Simone Cimiluca Radzins:

Simone is the CEO of Kalogia with a simple goal: to help entrepreneurs, startups, and rapidly growing companies reach financial freedom through the Kalogia platform.
Simone’s expertise is in business strategy, finance, risk management, and business process improvement. She has improved business operations for hundreds of clients around the world. With a background in Big 4 public accounting and international consulting for Fortune 500 companies, Simone has lived and worked in Spain and France and has assisted clients throughout Latin America, Western and Northern Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

Simone is an active member of the cannabis business community in both Southern California and the Pacific Northwest. She is the founder and host of Cannabis Business Minds podcast, has spoken on NPR and 420Radio; has lectured on the US cannabis economy in Prague and Costa Rica, and has given multiple talks at Cannabis Finance Bootcamp and other cannabis industry events.

Simone graduated with dual degrees in Spanish and Accounting from the University of Oregon and holds an active CPA certificate from the State of Oregon.

Adelia Carrillo, Founder of Direct Cannabis Network
Cara Luhring, Founder of Femme Nuri
Roni Stetter, Founder of Righteous Relations

Coffee and Cannabis Episode 5 Part 2: Q&A’s with Simone Cimiluca Radzins. Each week prior to our show, we have our viewers send us questions they want us to ask our guest. Check out what our guest’s wanted to learn from Simone.

To watch part one:

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