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Swallow is the World’s Largest Edible Directory! Easily find the right edible for you based on your dietary restrictions and location. Their Edible Directory is searchable by brand, edible type, and more! Learn how to consume edibles properly and find out what to do when you consume too much. The blog features honest edible reviews to help you make smart decisions when choosing your edible.

Featured Products: Good.Coop – Kikoko – Ganga Grindz

On this week of Coffee & Cannabis, the topic was about edible education. Adelia, Roni and Christina were joined by guest of the week, Alice Moon of Swallow.la, Learn what it’s like to run ‘the Yelp for edibles”, and get educated on quality edibles and responsible consumption!

Ganja Grindz

Ganja Grindz Coffee Company their culinary experts and scientists have spent countless hours grinding away to provide you with the highest quality cannabis infused bottled coffee, cider, tea bags, coffee filters and brew cups on the market. With their patent pending technology, we have designed a way for you to brew your buzz™ with your favorite coffee in our cannabis-infused coffee filters. www.ganjagrindz.com


GOOD CO-OP is a cannabis-focused food brand. Their mission is to make cannabis mainstream by creating high quality, low-dose products for new consumers. Their first product, the GOOD Brownie leverages the social acceptance of pot brownies and gives it a modern spin with high-quality ingredients, an approachable brand and uniform product consistency. www.good.coop


Kikoko is an organic cannabis tea brand. Their teas are precision-dosed, free of pesticides and toxins, and formulated to pharmaceutical standards. Currently, their four tea’s address sleep, pain, mood, and libido. www.kikoko.com

To watch more episodes; go to directcannabisnetwork.com Hosts: Adelia Carrillo, Founder of Direct Cannabis Network Roni Stetter, Founder of Righteous Relations Christina Carrillo, Packaging Expert Video and Digital Media: Stephen S.


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