Coffee & Cannabis Episode 13 | Cindy Pinzon Discusses Building a Health Conscious Product Line

Coffee & Cannabis Episode 13 | Building a Health Conscious Product Line | Cindy Pinzon of Treat Yourself Inc.

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On this week of Coffee & Cannabis, Adelia, Roni, and Christina were joined by special guest, Cindy Pinzon of Treat Yourself, Learn what it’s like to run an edible company, and get educated on building a brand people love!

Who is Cindy Pinzon? 

Cindy has over 5 years of health and wellness experience. Cindy is a certified Health Coach, specializing in vegan/vegetarian diets. She is experienced in helping clients battling acne, depression, weight gain, hormone imbalance, and stress. In addition to healthy food choices, her practice also examines how career, religious practice, creativity, exercise, and family play a role in overall health. Cindy has a bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of California, Los Angeles.

What is Treat Yourself Inc.? 

Treat Yourself is a brand of cannabis-infused health and beauty products made for women, by women. We value self-care and strive to promote a cannabis culture of women who share in our belief of “my body is my temple.” Being mindful of dietary restrictions, allergies, and trends, we create nutrient-packed products with only the finest quality ingredients. When designing our products, our goal is to cultivate health and happiness while creating an enjoyable experience for our customers. We hope to inspire women to indulge in a little self-love, every day.

Treat Yourself Product Line

Body Care Collection

Safe: Their ingredients are 100% pure and Certified Organic. They use only natural materials that come from the Earth to create our products, no synthetic fragrances or chemical preservatives are ever found in their collection.

Effective: These products are not only made with organic, plant-based ingredients, but they actually WORK. They make sure to test every product diligently (on themselves, family, and friends of course… NEVER tested on animals) to ensure effectiveness across the board.

Affordable: They strive to keep product cost as low as possible for the customer so that a wider range of people have access to high quality, natural products. Luxury skin and body care do not have to break the bank!

Mini Toaster Pastries (Available in CA only)

Mini toaster pastries made with chia seed dough, filled with tasty fruit goodness.
You won’t miss the gluten or refined sugars.

Whipped Body Butters (Available in CA only)

The whipped body butter product line is made of high quality, organic, and non-toxic ingredients sourced from nature.

Every ingredient is thoughtfully selected for it’s nourishing, hydrating and soothing qualities. Specific essential oil blends are used for both their healing properties and heavenly aromas, to create an enjoyable experience across the senses.

♡ Every batch is handcrafted and made with love ♡

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