CEDEN, a modular home growing system, located in Germany is on a mission to help people have access to healthy and cheap harvest. The team behind CEDEN developed this product by incorporating hardware, software, biotech, and cardboard, yes cardboard.

Built out of organic cardboard, using 100% organic soil and neutralizer, the CEDEN will automatically grow your favorite plant. Only needing about 5 minutes of your time each week, the CEDEN app (available for IOS and Android) will even send you a notification, reminding you by letting you know that your plant is thirsty.

For those with no previous growing knowledge, the CEDEN will do all the work for you. All you have to do is tell the app what cannabis strain or produce you are growing. You can even use CEDEN’s recipes or connect with the online community and use someone’s else’s growing methods. For the expert growers, CEDEN’s expert mode allows you to adjust each of the five LED channels separately to promote optimal plant growth, like taste, quantity or appearance.

Measuring a width of 56cm with a varying height from 30cm in the dry only mode, up to 110cm. There is the ability to increase the height up to 300cm, by purchasing additional height modules. The system is also designed to be energy efficient, only using around 100 watts and aims to help reduce the use of water.

The team behind CEDEN worked with MIT specialists to develop a carbon filter to help ensure that the system would be not only 100% odorless but also be able to grow pollen free. They even developed a method to grow and dry at the same time.

Now unlike some other at home grow machines, to get the best results with the CEDEN, ideally, you would only want to grow one large plant. However you could grow up to 5 smaller plants, but they recommend sticking to only growing one plant. By following the one plant method, for each cannabis harvest, you can typically look at getting around 3 ounces (85 grams) taking about 2.5 – 3 months from seed to harvest.

What comes with the CEDEN?

With your order, you will receive the CEDEN CARDBOARD™ with all of its hardware, including the top module, 2 height modules, a door module and one dry module. You will also receive:

  • One batch of nutrients
  • One active carbon filter
  • One Root Pouch
  • Organic soil
  • A watering can

Now for many of our readers, unfortunately, you won’t be able to get your hand’s on one these just yet. Currently, the Ceden will initially ship only to most European countries. However, they are working on international distributors to help them ship worldwide. By now you may be asking yourself, how much does this cost? Currently, you can pre-order the CEDEN for 998EUR, and for a limited time are offering a 200EUR discount.

A few interesting facts we learned about the team and Ceden:
  • Jo Teichmann, CEO/Founder of CEDEN, launched his first company at the age of 14. 
  • Mr. Teichmann is on his third company with one exit.
  • All CEDEN products are conceived, designed and manufactured in Germany.
  • Watch the video below and get a peek into the CEDEN Cardboard. 

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