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WeGrow, Helps Beginner to Pro Grow Good Cannabis

The app Wegrow is changing the game for the cannabis enthusiast who's always wanted to grow but didn’t have the know-how. The app aims to...

Releaf App, A Thoughtful Approach to Cannabis Treatment

Imagine a tool that could be a companion to medical cannabis treatment; one that empowers you to detail what cannabis you're trying, track your...

Potbotics, Artificial Intelligence Meets the Cannabis Industry

PotBotics is a startup company that mixes robotics with artificial intelligence to help growers, patients, and doctors in the medical cannabis industry. David Goldstein is...
Green tech

Green Tech Industries: Announces New Cannabis Branded Product Portfolio

Green Tech Industries, a specialty business company with interests in the cannabis and entertainment industries, announced today that it has organized its corporate structure as a holding company, complete with its initial line-up of branded products in its company portfolio. 

Chewy Grinder

The Future of Cannabis Grinders: The Chewy Grinder

When smoking cannabis, breaking it up makes the plant more manageable for smoking. It’s a part of the smoking process, and if you’re a regular in the lifestyle then you probably have your own way of breaking your herb up. Some do this process by hand, but many people purchase grinders to get more out of their weed.

ion vape

ION Vape Makes Vaping Safer

If you’re anyone who’s anyone, you know what vaping is. Vaping has become so popular that the word “vape” was the Oxford Dictionaries Word of the Year in 2014. Many cannabis users have turned to vaporizers to deliver effects discreetly and more effectively, but how safe can vaping be? More importantly, and many people aren’t even thinking about this, are the actual vaporizers safe to use?


MassRoots, Finalist for the Extreme Tech Challenge at CES.

MassRoots, a finalist for the Extreme Tech Challenge, will present at the Shoppers Electronics Present(CES) on Friday, January 8th, 2016. MassRoots, of course, has changed the way cannabis enthusiasts connect. The platform has amassed 675,000 users and is well on its way to scoring one million if the trend continues. 


The Cannabis Breathalyzer: Could it be Coming Soon?

Presently 18 states now have set limits on cannabis levels of intoxication while driving. Toxicology results, however, take several weeks. With cannabis becoming more and more socially acceptable, a breathalyzer is inevitable.

New West Summit Brings Technology & Cannabis Together

Focused on the technology opportunities in cannabis, New West Summit is a two-day conference held in the heart of downtown San Francisco where startup founders, investors, incubators and innovations in cannabis gathered to share and learn. 

Meadow Launches Cloud-Based Platform

Meadow, the Y Combinator-backed enterprise, was one of the first delivery apps to hit the cannabis market. Meadow was touted as a direct-to-consumer product. Meadow's new platform is a software suite formulated for the modern dispensary enterprise- and helping dispensary owners get a head start on the new regulations for California.

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