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Plug & Grow With LEAF

Thanks to a Colorado based start-up called LEAF, the opportunity to grow and maintain a cannabis plant is within reach for consumers of all...

HMBLDT; Revolutionizing the Vaporizer

Meet HMBLDT, a company dedicated to supporting the legacy and future of Humboldt Country through their product lines while utilizing the latest technology, science,...
Chewy Grinder

The Future of Cannabis Grinders: The Chewy Grinder

When smoking cannabis, breaking it up makes the plant more manageable for smoking. It’s a part of the smoking process, and if you’re a regular in the lifestyle then you probably have your own way of breaking your herb up. Some do this process by hand, but many people purchase grinders to get more out of their weed.


The Journey and Growth of Leafly

Leafly has grown to more than 35 full-time employees and over 147,000 reviews on its’ platform to date, those numbers are a testament to...

LoudCloud: Streamlining Marijuana

Medical marijuana app set to officially launch January 1 as new industry set to skyrocket. With almost 7 billion dollars in sales annually, the burgeoning...

MyStrain – Making Cannabis Simple

MyStrain is a company from Palo Alto, California, that works with dispensaries to create hundreds of symbols for popular cannabis strains in the efforts...

Dipstick Vapes Introduces The Dipper For Your Concentrates

The Dipstick Vaporizer is a top choice among wax concentrate vaporizer lovers. Unlike other vaporizers, their patented Vapor Tip quickly heats and allows users...
vapor slide

Slide into the Future – Vapor Slide

 Vapor Slide V-1 is an innovative product that can be used independently or in the stem of a water pipe. The team behind Vapor...

Farmbot: The Robot to Grow Your Garden with Ease

Farmbot is the world’s first open-source CNC farming machine. It is specifically developed for personal farming. The team behind the bot is working on...
The Peak Beyond

Peak Beyond the Counter Table

The Peak Beyond, LLC, is a manufacturer of interactive smart tables for retail spaces. Their attention has shifted to the cannabis space with optimistic...
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