Grassp – Future of Cannabis Delivery

Grassp is a single technology solution, built to empower Patients with safe access to trusted Doctors and regulated Service Providers lawfully licensed to deliver...
Cannabis Telehealth App

Strong Marketing Strategy: Key for #1 Rated Cannabis Telehealth App

Robert Tankson is the founder of PrestoDoctor; a marijuana telehealth platform he started in March of 2015. It was difficult to get the business...

The Marijuana Show Will Award $20 Million In Investment

If you haven't seen season one of the reality series The Marijuana Show, you should. Called a Shark Tank for ganjapreneurs, the show highlights...

iDro’s Journey into the Cannabis Industry

Fredrik Lindseth co-founded iDro, which initially started out as the home cultivation of vegetables in the fall of 2012. iDro is a fully automated, smartphone-controlled...

High-End Cannabis Storage for the Cannabis Connoisseur.

Cannabis is growing up, and because of all the testing and research that is going into the plant, the population’s opinion on marijuana is changing. More and more people are finding relief with cannabis, making issues that weren’t previously considered before come to light: like storage.


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