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Growers Spotlight: Interview with Kurtis Johnson of TFO LLC

Hunter Wilson of Growers Network interviews Kurtis Johnson of TFO LLC about his experiences producing large quantities of cannabis in a confined space. Grow Operation...
Pickens Mountain

Growers Spotlight: Growing Off The Grid With Pickens Mountain Cannabis

Hunter Wilson of Growers Network interviews Brian Knopf from Pickens Mountain Cannabis about his outdoor, off-the-grid grow. Growing Outdoors Where are you located and why did you choose that...

Canna Cribs Episode 2 : Grow Op Farms

In this episode of Canna Cribs, Growers Network takes a trip to Grow Op Farms, the company behind the Phat Panda Brand. Legend: Robert McKinley, Mojave...
Nano Pharm

Growers Spotlight: Nano Pharm-Innovations in Extraction

Growers Network interviewed Nathan Kiesel of Nano Pharm and learned some of his methodologies behind making THCA crystals and other advanced extracts, all while...

Growers Spotlight: Sustainability with GroGeo LLC

Hunter Wilson of Growers Network interviews Anthony Mollins of GroGeo about how forethought and building design can lead to highly sustainable, cost-saving growing practices. Growing...
Golden Leaf Holdings

Grow Op Overview: Golden Leaf Holdings

In this Grow Operation Overview, Hunter Wilson of Growers Network interviews Elad Spiegel (pronounced “A-Lod”), Director of Cultivation for Golden Leaf Holdings in Portland,...
Emerald Health Therapeutics

Outside-In with DCN: Meet Emerald Health Therapeutics

Welcome to Outside-In with DCN where we interview upcoming startups and businesses in the cannabis industry. Each interview you will get to meet the...
Flourish Software

Flourish Software Helps Cultivators Optimize Their Supply Chain

Flourish Software evolved after a trip to California. Colton, Bennett and Juan Carlos as a team each bring in a strong background in supply...

A Celebration of Fall Harvest, The Emerald Cup with Tim Blake

The Emerald Cup has built its' reputation as the largest, most respected, organic, outdoor medical cannabis competition in the world. The group has made...
pos systems

Growers Spotlight: Advanced POS Systems

In this Growers Spotlight, Hunter Wilson of Growers Network interviews Jeremy Jacobs, CEO of and EYECHRONIC about their services that improve customer loyalty,...
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