Trichome “Elevated Coffee” Road Show In Portland

Seattle has long been known as a mecca for coffee culture, and now that recreational marijuana use is legal in the state, Trichome Seattle has blended the two expertly into their regularly held Elevated Coffee events.

Canopy San Diego

Canopy San Diego Announces Launch, Startups Able to Apply

Canopy San Diego, a new early-stage business accelerator dedicated to developing technology-based ancillary product and service companies catered to the legal cannabis market has...

Tribal Cannabis: Legal Pot in a Non-Legal State

Long before cannabis prohibition took effect in the United States, Native Americans have practiced peyotism and have utilized just about every useful herb under...
channel 10 newsvideo

DCN Featured on San Diego Channel 10 News

San Diego Channel 10 News stopped by the DCN and Canopy San Diego headquarters to chat with two cannabis companies. Their interest was about...

Kushkards- Sending High Wishes, the greeting card with an extra surprise.

Greeting cards and joints. It makes sense, I personally would love someone an extra little treat included with my birthday card, way better than...
digital marketing

Digital Marketing Guidelines & Best Practices for Cannabis Businesses

Digital advertising is a go-to solution with many ad networks and options to choose from. While the top players in display advertising may deter...
Emerald Health Therapeutics

Outside-In with DCN: Meet Emerald Health Therapeutics

Welcome to Outside-In with DCN where we interview upcoming startups and businesses in the cannabis industry. Each interview you will get to meet the...

Loud Cannabis

Loud Cannabis is the latest medical marijuana delivery app to hit the market. People want to know just exactly who is growing their cannabis. Loud Cannabis is an app developed for cultivators, by cultivators.

MJ Hybrid Solutions

MJ Hybrid Solutions: A Unique Training Solution for Cannabis Budtenders

The vast majority of patients and consumers take budtender recommendations very seriously.  Twenty-two percent of respondents who buy from dispensaries or recreational shops report...
lodestone data

Tracking Seed to Harvest – Lodestone Data Technologies

As many U.S. states are getting ready for both medicinal and recreational cannabis markets to spring up, questions on compliance and regulation come into...

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