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Direct Cannabis Network bringing light to the Startups and Entrepreneurs in the Cannabis Industry.

San Diego, CA, July 1, 2015- Direct Cannabis Network announces today the official launch of, a website devoted to the startups and entrepreneurs...
Startup Stoners Podcast

Outside-In With DCN: Meet The Founders Of Startup Stoners Podcast

Welcome to Outside-In with DCN where we interview upcoming startups and businesses in the cannabis industry. Each interview you will get to meet the...

Jane: Keeping the Cannabis Industry Transparent

Jane is a kiosk system for retailers and an app for buyers to use to make dispensaries and legal marijuana stores more efficient, transparent,...
ask willow direct cannabis network

Willow is the Google for Your Cannabis Questions

What is Willow? Willow is described as "An online chat service that helps customers navigate through their cannabis questions." A platform that allows you to ask whatever...

Botanas & Blunts, Into the World of Cannabis Dining

A look into the art of Experiential Cannabis Dining with Chef Manny and the Herbal Notes team at their Botanas & Blunts event hosted...

Business meets Cannabis – Marijuana Business Daily

In 2010, Cassandra Farrington was an executive at Citigroup looking to create a B2B publishing house within the newly emerging cannabis industry. Five years...
Rubegol Camping Company

Elevating Your Outdoor Experience: Rubegol Camping Company

Rubegol Camping Company is a startup that focuses on developing lightweight camping and outdoor products for the beginner to the experienced active outdoorsy person. How It...

BlazeNow™ Nears Completion

American Green and Media Technics Corporation are joining forces to develop tools for dispensaries in the cannabis industry. Their new app, BlazeNow™, will provide...
Leaf Forward

Leaf Forward, Canada’s First Cannabis Accelerator Program

On August 8th, 2017, Leaf announced the launch of Leaf Forward, Canada's first cannabis industry business accelerator program. Leaf Forward is a one-day accelerator...
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