Investing in Cannabis - Canna Angels LLC.

Investing in Cannabis: The Story of Canna Angels LLC.

Sherri Haskell, founder and CEO of the investment group Canna Angels LLC, is a petite woman, but her energy makes her seem much larger....
lodestone data

Tracking Seed to Harvest – Lodestone Data Technologies

As many U.S. states are getting ready for both medicinal and recreational cannabis markets to spring up, questions on compliance and regulation come into...
elevate conferencevideo

A Conference for Cannabis Startups | Elevate Conference

Here is your recap on DCNTV from the Elevate Conference, the startup conference with a singular focus on the cannabis industry. Put together by...
strategic partnership

Strategic Partnership as a Path to Growth

You look at your company bank account and calculate the company's cash burn. Most likely you have raised just enough money to keep the...

Outside-In With DCN: Meet Trym, A Cannabis Farm Management Platform

Founded in Novato, California in 2017, Trym, the only purpose-built farm management platform for the cannabis industry, helps cannabis farmers track and measure data,...
High There

High There! The Cannabis-Friendly Dating App is Finally Here

Dating apps that utilize GPS capabilities have changed the dating game. High There launched last February. The “social connectivity app” has attracted 150,000 users....
Stratos THC Provides Dependable Dosages

Stratos THC Provides Dependable Dosages

STRATOS THC tablets deliver a potent and favorable form of relief. Created by a team of industry-leading cannabis cultivators, scientists, and engineers, STRATOS meticulously designed an easy way to find consistent relief that patients can depend on…all in the form of a dissolvable tablet you can drop into a drink of your choice.


Countertop Decarboxylator Gets More Out of Your Cannabis

Have you ever wondered why cannabis needs to be heated in order for you to feel the desired effects? The answer is decarboxylation. Raw cannabis contains cannabinoids THC-A and CBD- A, which need to go through a process called decarboxylation, that removes the carboxylic acid in order to convert the cannabinoids to THC and CBD.


Coffee & Cannabis Episode 13: Product of the Month Papa & Barkley

Coffee & Cannabis Episode 13 | Building a Health Conscious Product Line | Cindy Pinzon of Treat Yourself Inc. Well Branded product of the month: Papa &...
Chris Russo

Outside-In with DCN: Meet Chris Russo of Paceline Pictures

Welcome to Outside-In with DCN where we interview upcoming startups and businesses in the cannabis industry. Each interview you will get to meet the...

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