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law enforcement

From Law Enforcement to Cannabis Entrepreneur

Paula Young-Libby is the CEO of MycoCann, Inc. an ag-tech startup with sights on revolutionizing how cannabis is grown.  Join us here every week...

Countertop Decarboxylator Gets More Out of Your Cannabis

Have you ever wondered why cannabis needs to be heated in order for you to feel the desired effects? The answer is decarboxylation. Raw cannabis contains cannabinoids THC-A and CBD- A, which need to go through a process called decarboxylation, that removes the carboxylic acid in order to convert the cannabinoids to THC and CBD.


Plug & Grow With LEAF

Thanks to a Colorado based start-up called LEAF, the opportunity to grow and maintain a cannabis plant is within reach for consumers of all...
ask willow direct cannabis network

Willow is the Google for Your Cannabis Questions

What is Willow? Willow is described as "An online chat service that helps customers navigate through their cannabis questions." A platform that allows you to ask whatever...

ClubM and VapeXhale Announce Partnership

DCN had the opportunity to sit down last week with these two companies and discuss their partnership in depth. Who Is ClubM? The purpose of ClubM...
Canopy san diego

Canopy San Diego, A Cannabis Business Accelerator Announces First Cohort

San Diego is now home to eight of the most promising startups in the cannabis industry, with the announcement of Canopy San Diego's inaugural...

HMBLDT; Revolutionizing the Vaporizer

Meet HMBLDT, a company dedicated to supporting the legacy and future of Humboldt Country through their product lines while utilizing the latest technology, science,...
Chewy Grinder

The Future of Cannabis Grinders: The Chewy Grinder

When smoking cannabis, breaking it up makes the plant more manageable for smoking. It’s a part of the smoking process, and if you’re a regular in the lifestyle then you probably have your own way of breaking your herb up. Some do this process by hand, but many people purchase grinders to get more out of their weed.


LoudCloud: Streamlining Marijuana

Medical marijuana app set to officially launch January 1 as new industry set to skyrocket. With almost 7 billion dollars in sales annually, the burgeoning...

SneakGuard Protects Your Stash

SneakGuard is a safe and responsible storage product. The Sneakguard was founded by Graeme Gordon. The idea evolved when Graeme realized how easily his...
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