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Pitching investors? Here are the biggest mistakes made by cannabis companies.

First, I want to start on a positive note. The article is meant to be constructive criticism, so I want to make sure to...

Quigley’s Cannabis Beverage To Be Released Exclusively in Denver

Quigley's, the first & only fast-acting cannabis drink, will be available in the Colorado market this Thanksgiving. Quigley’s patent-pending formula is considered uniquely safe due to its fast-acting effects and precise dosing formulation, providing a reliable solution for the rocky road of the edibles and drink market today.


Mexico’s Path To Legalization

Have you ever wondered what our neighbor to the south thinks of cannabis legalization? Mexico tried the strict law enforcement approach during the administration of...

M&A Insider: Baker, Briteside, Sea Hunter, and Sante Veritas Announce Merger

Four leading companies, Baker, Briteside, Sea Hunter and Sante Veritas, announced today through a binding letter of intent (the "LOI") to merge into on...

The Cannabis Funding Race Is On And It’s Putting Real Estate Against Angel Investors

Growing, processing and manufacturing cannabis and its by-products are expensive. The majority of the expense comes from the cost of the real estate legally...

Medical Marijuana Awareness in the Latino Community

ARMA, GLACA, and ASA hosted an educational event focused on finding ways to speak and educate the Latina/o community in San Diego and throughout...

Canopy Launches $50 Million Venture Fund Called CanopyVentures

Canopy TM, a venture capital firm and business accelerator for ancillary products and services companies in the legal cannabis industry, announces the launch of...
joint venture

Joint Venture Agreements in the Cannabis Space: Here’s How It All Works

Without being too cynical, the fundamental objective of the individual in any business partnership is to structure an arrangement that most benefits him.  That...

What’s Happening in Maryland?

I asked myself this question as I scanned through various articles online stating Maryland had approved medical cannabis consumption (HB 881) back in 2013,...

Amsterdam’s Relationship With Cannabis Legalization

Legalizing cannabis, recreationally or medically, has been a hot debate issue in the media lately. To see how the legalization could affect America, it...
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