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kindtyme cannabis marketing

How Cannabis Marketing Will Shape the Future of the Industry

Each week we will be introducing our contributor partners who will be providing you with valuable insight to help you grow your business. This...

EAZE CEO Steps Down, Remains on Board of Directors

Eaze founder, Keith McCarty, stepped down from his position as CEO of Eaze this past week. EazeMD launched July 2014 and is a leading...
sheibo shen vapexhale direct cannabis network

VapeXhale and Eugene Monroe Announce Plans for Cannabis Advocacy in 2017

Last November, VapeXhale released a statement announcing the newly formed partnership between the company and former NFL player Eugene Monroe. VapeXhale and Monroe are...
Los Angeles Cannabis Banking Working Group

Cannabis Banking Working Group Looking to Resolve Issues in California

Cannabis entrepreneurs face a host of obstacles when securing a business account. The act of maintaining a business account, making deposits to and from it...
Holiday Gift Guide 2016

DCN’s Holiday Gift Guide 2016

DCN’s Editors Top Innovative and Tech Gift Picks 2016 Yes, it is the season for tech. You can't escape it -- the holiday gift-giving season is...

Cannabis Products, A Safe And Effective Solution for Pro Athletes

Professional athletes are coming out in stronger numbers to take a stand for their health. With mounting evidence that cannabis can help with faster...
Green tech

Green Tech Industries: Announces New Cannabis Branded Product Portfolio

Green Tech Industries, a specialty business company with interests in the cannabis and entertainment industries, announced today that it has organized its corporate structure as a holding company, complete with its initial line-up of branded products in its company portfolio. 

bud rub topical medicinal salve

Bud Rub Product Review

Bud Rub is a topical salve specially formulated to “utilize the healing properties of organic cannabis, menthol and camphor to safely and effectively block pain and relax muscles without any psychoactive side effects.”

United States

United States Government has Patent on Cannabinoids, US 6,630,507 B1

  On Thursday The Drug Enforcement Administration announced that it would reject petitions to reschedule marijuana as a Schedule II drug or lower. As a...
uruguay jamaica cannabis marijuana legalization

Legalization Summary: Uruguay and Jamaica

Recent victories in the cannabis movement here in the United States sparked a deluge of google searches around cannabis legalization, including for other countries who...
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