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gift guide 2017

DCN’s Holiday Gift Guide 2017

Introducing DCN's holiday gift guide 2017 edition! There is always a just-right gift for everyone on your list. Here are the products that turned our...
best books

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Best Books For The Cannabis Entrepreneur

Introducing DCN's 2017 holiday gift guide: Books For The Cannabis Entrepreneur Now gifting a book to many of you may sound like a waste of...
Stocking Stuffers

Holiday Gift Guide 2017: Stocking Stuffers

Traditionally, stocking stuffers are smaller gifts that tend to be secondary to the main gifts under the Christmas tree. However, we wanted to change...

Another Record Breaking Year For MJBIZCON, The Biggest Marijuana Conference

Last week MJBizCon celebrated its most successful event yet as over 18,120 people from across the world came to the Las Vegas Convention Center...

“I Have Insurance” – But Is It Correct Insurance?

Imagine that you own and operate a dispensary, and for the past three years, things couldn’t have run any smoother. You have a steady...

California State Treasurer Presents Report on Cannabis and Banking

As many of you know, cannabis businesses are faced with many roadblocks and hurdles, banking being one of them, but as California nears recreational...
Cann Group

Cann Group Granted Import and Export License for Medical Cannabis Products

Cann Group Ltd (ASX: CAN) was granted a license to import and export medicinal cannabis products and cannabis genetics, by the Office of Drug...

10 Reasons Why You Need to Be Cautious About Pesticides on Your Weed

Pesticides Used in Agricultural Markets Are Not Always Safe for Cannabis. Eagle20 is an infamous pesticide in the world of cannabis cultivation. The...
East Coast

East Coast Playing Catch-Up with the West Coast

When you think of the cannabis industry, the first places you think of are probably California, Colorado and maybe Oregon and Washington as 3...
Skin Care

Cannabinoids: the Next Generation of Dermatological Skin Care and Anti-aging

The studies of the effects of THC and CBD continue to shed light on its many beneficial health properties, and one such industry to...
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