Heidi Groshelle

Meet The Professional: Heidi Groshelle of Ingrid Marketing

Meet the Professional is a spotlight feature, highlighting DCN members-  giving them a voice to share their knowledge, expertise and helpful tips for your...

Why Understanding The Needs of Your Audience is Important

When a brand is trying to grow its dispensary base of customers or introducing a new product into an existing dispensary channel, what they...

10 Blogs Every Cannabis Founder Should Be Reading

Even the most experienced entrepreneurs know that you never reach a stage in your career, or in life for that matter, where you stop...
shared office

The Pros and Cons of Working in a Shared Office Space

As a startup founder, you most likely have already thought about it or will soon have to think about office space. Wondering if you...

5 Reasons to Invest in Interactive Signage in 2019

The line between the traditional retail experience and that of dispensaries continues to blur. As of late, an increasing number of dispensaries have begun...
executive summary

How to Write a Compelling Executive Summary

Sometimes you only have a few seconds to make a first impression with investors and that is why having a compelling executive summary readily...

Hiring 101: Best Steps To Follow Before Your First Hire

When first starting a new company it often requires you to wear a lot of different hats. However, once a startup begins to grow,...

Business Smoke Break | Determine and Share Your Value

I was recently reading a respected cannabis news magazine and it struck me the number of advertisements that looked really cool but did nothing...
ceqa compliance

The Legal Joint: CEQA Compliance For California Cannabis Businesses

If you have ever applied for a commercial cannabis local permit or state license in California, then you probably have heard of the California...

Stop Building A Startup Idea And Start Solving A Problem

For many entrepreneurs, when talking about starting a company, the first question always goes straight to the idea. It's a simple question, but it...

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