steep hill

Steep Hill’s CEO Announces Second $2 Million Investment Round

"Steep Hill has closed a second $2 million investment round," stated Jmichaele Keller, President, and CEO of Steep Hill. This investment would allow them...
quality assurance

A Team Focused on Quality Assurance for the Cannabis Industry

The issue of compliance in the cannabis industry is a heated conversation among the Cannabis industry. Some business owners operate under compliance, meaning they...

Del-Gro, A Grow Op Overview

In this Growers Spotlight, Hunter Wilson of Growers Network interviews Ben Levine and Derek Martinez of Del-Gro, a revolutionary business model empowering growers to...
Cannabis Sativa

M&A Insider: Cannabis Sativa Acquires Controlling Interest of Prestodoctor

Cannabis Sativa. Inc. (OTCQB: CBDS) announced that they acquired 51% of Prestodoctor. Prestodoctor is an online telemedicine platform that connects patients to knowledgeable physicians...

eSense enters U.S. Cannabis Market through partnerships

e-Sense-Lab (ASX: ESE), an Israel-based life-sciences research and development company announces the collaboration with Wild Rogue Extracts LLC. A U.S. cannabis concentrate producer. Wild Rogue is known...
Relationships Workplace

How to Resolve And Prevent Conflicting Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace Part 2

As we discussed in part 1 of how you can handle conflicting relationships in the workplace, we covered the concept of you taking 100%...

Budtender Product Knowledge Is Key for Dispensary Owners

If you were to go into your local coffee shop, you’d be served by a barista. If you happened to stumble into your local...

Tilray: Canada’s Leading Licensed Cannabis Producer

Tilray is a private company owned by Privateer Holdings, Tilray’s mission is dedicated to advancing the science, efficacy, and safety of medicinal cannabis for...
Nanosphere Health

NanoSphere Health Sciences Signs Binding Merger Agreement by Corazon Gold Corp. (Part 2)

Meet NanoSphere Health, a company based in Denver, Colorado, family owned and operated, is successfully growing business with doctors around the United States excited...
product liability

Product Liability – Why YOUR Cannabis Business Needs This Coverage

Product Liability. To most, this is just another insurance term that some may be familiar with and others might just know it from discussions...

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