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Canopy San Diego, a new early-stage business accelerator dedicated to developing technology-based ancillary product and service companies catered to the legal cannabis market has officially launched and are accepting applications for their fall cohort. Canopy San Diego transformed through a strong partnership with the Canopy Boulder Organization, which has operated two similar business accelerators in Boulder and San Francisco.

The initial idea of launching Canopy San Diego began when CEO Eric Gomez realized Southern California  needed a similar platform like Canopy Boulder to help propel the industry. He knew he would find investment worthy cannabis start-ups that would benefit from the guidance and mentorship that would be provided from Canopy San Diego. Canopy San Diego, is led by CEO Eric Gomez, Managing Director Jack Scatizzi, and Founding Partners Lincoln Fish and Wyatt Hinshaw.

It’s not just for California startup’s though, if you have a startup in another state and are willing to move, then you can also apply. StashBox CEO Natasha Irizarry relocated from North Carolina to Boulder when her startup was accepted to Canopy Boulder. Canopy San Diego will be following the same model as Canopy Boulder.

The first 14 weeks will focus on intensive training. They bring in mentors each week that give three to four talks during their time there. The mentors teach anything from how to brand your company, to how to build a successful financial model. These mentors also make themselves available after their lessons so that the new start-up companies are able to have one on one time to get their questions answered and work on their individual goals.

“The goal is to take someone who is beyond concept with their company but maybe hasn’t launched it yet and teach them everything they need to raise outside funding,” Managing Director Jack Scatizzi said. Canopy San Diego doesn’t just train these new start-ups; they also help them network. They introduce them to investors, have them meet with successful cannabis industry CEO’s, and work hard to make sure they lay as much groundwork as they can for the companies they fund.

The accelerator will be accepting 10 companies in each cohort, if accepted these portfolio companies will receive $20,000 in seed capital and office space. Canopy San Diego believe’s that with the training, mentorship and networking provided to each of the companies they will be able to raise the additional funding needed to successfully run their company within six weeks of graduating the program.

Given the continual growth of the cannabis industry and constant need for technology-based companies within, Gomez hopes to help approved applicants be as successful as possible.

“All players in the cannabis space will need basic business infrastructure and that is where Canopy San Diego fits in. We provide the picks and shovels for the gold rush,” CEO Eric Gomez said.

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