One of the toughest challenges cannabis startups face is securing business space. Ancillary Business Consultants(ABC) have issued a press release announcing the launch of CannaServe™.  CannaServe™ offers innovative loan financing for cannabis business space.

Cannabis startups have a tough time getting capital lending in a cash-only world. The Controlled Substance Act prevents companies from getting the financial solutions needed from most banking institutions. ABC, through CannaServe™, will introduce a lending program tailor-made for cannabis businesses seeking real estate. CannaServe™ is run by a team comprised of lawyers, CPA’s, and business advisors.

Gregory Loomar is CEO of Ancillary Business Consultants. “We are excited to offer this lending program to cannabis related and ancillary businesses to provide them with an opportunity to grow, diversify and improve their business, just as with any other mainstream organization. Whether the loan is needed for to purchase real estate, inventory, equipment financing or establishing a line of credit for on demand use, we have a program to assist and offer attainable, prompt funding,” Loomar told PR Web.

ABC will give loans for real estate, leasing, and lines of credit. The CannaServe™ Concierge is a team member available for assistance to members. The concierge can connect you with a vetted attorney. The CannaServe™ directory is an interactive map showing cannabis businesses by state. Also available is a tool suite with proprietary marketing tools to assist concierge members.

Securing real estate is a complex affair for a cannabis startup. CannaServe™ is offering tools for businesses to stay compliant and profitable. The cannabis industry is growing at a rate faster than any US business sector. ABC and CannaServe™ will help tax-paying entrepreneurs expand using the lending they couldn’t get before.



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