As you wake from the time you snooze the alarm clock to the moment you walk out the door with your coffee in hand. Your mind might often be flooded with a list of things to do thus increasing your stress levels and feel like everything will crumble all over you if you’re not there to help your business move forward. These worries can lead you to exhaust yourself for no reason mentally, and when this happens, you’re less able to finish projects or create anything substantial.

This is why you do cannabis on a daily basis, right? If you’re doing your daily dose of medicinal herbs, then you should take the right ones that’ll not only help you do business better but help others around you do business better. When you’re happy than those around you can feed on that positive energy. This is why these strains were selected to suit your business needs. Let’s explore further into these strains that help you do better in business.

Jack Herer

Jack Herer strain was created after the American cannabis legend whose works include  Help End Marijuana Prohibition (HEMP) Association and many others. Furthermore, the strain certainly does live up to his name as the Jack Herer strain improves your work productivity.

Created by Sensi Seeds, this strain has a 50/50 ratio of Sativa and indica leading us to understand it benefits in the work environment. Its phenotype has a sizzling potency giving you a brain high while enhancing a magnetic buzz throughout your whole body. In other words, it brings you more motivation to do more of the things you need to do when you’re out working the grind.


  • Happiness will flood all around you and bring you more focus.
  • Uplifts you in areas that will improve the way you do business meetings.
  • Energizes you to be more productive and get “stuff” done.
  • Euphoric feeling as if you’re feeling alive for the first time.
  • Creative forces will help you complete tasks better.

Lemon Jack

If you’re tired of receiving headaches all day while you’re trying to master the projects coming your way, Lemon Jack has your back. This strain combines the Jack Herer strain, and it’s lemon kush heritage to give you the best of both worlds. You can even go as far as to say it’s like a cup of coffee in the morning. You can find relief with this strain as you feel the effects rub your headache and fatigue away in a jiffy! However, I would like to warn others who suffer from anxiety as this could lead you to feel the opposite of its effects.


  • Energizes you throughout your workday.
  • Uplifts your mood and when you’re uplifted so is everyone around you.
  • Extraordinarily happy throughout your morning.
  • Keep your creative juices flowing when you need to create projects at work.
  • Keeps your mind focused all day every day on the tasks you need to be done.

Silver Surfer

Now, we move onto the silver surfer strain where you’ll very much feel like Superman zipping from one place to the next. The effects give you more energy, and some say it helps them with their social meetings as it inspires the talkative person in you. Knowing this, then you should consider using this strain when you’re about to produce a talk on stage, but be sure to smoke small amounts. You don’t wanna get too ‘high’. It’s the best kind of strain that one reviewer from Leafly gave a five-star review quoting:

This is the best strain I’ve ever smoked. Normally, I’m too paranoid to drive within about 4 or 5 hours of smoking, but when it’s Silver Surfer, I could drive a plane under a bridge without breaking a sweat. If you get the chance, smoke a fat bowl of this shit, and you’ll see where I’m coming from. By far the most purely positive pot experience I’ve had. This is my first and (probably) only review on Leafly. I made an account just to give this strain five stars. That’s how good it is.  

  -Leafly Review


  • Motivates you throughout the workday.
  • Relieves depression so you can produce more work, more often.
  • Relieves stress for when the hard work gets to you.
  • Happiness will envelope you while you go about the business day.
  • Energizes your body.

CBD Mango Haze Cannabis Strain

As we learn more about these amazing strains here is one that’ll keep you going all day. CBD Crew are the creators of the CBD Mango Haze strain whose proud to note it’s pleasant taste and it’s consistent THC to CBD ratio. It’s about a 1:1 to 1:5 ratio in between both and it’s’ sure done an amazing job of producing great effects.  

The taste resonates with pineapple, mango, and black pepper giving off a spicy and sweet taste. The THC is what get’s you high while the CBD is the exact opposite of getting high. This means it makes a perfect balance for your business activities as you are more alert and awake. You won’t be sleepy with the CBD as it keeps you from being high.


  • Relaxing you at the right amount, but not too much.
  • Gives you euphoria where you’ll be able to manifest everything you desire.
  • Keeps you focused on the goal of your business activities.
  • Happiness will give you a better work life.
  • Uplifts your spirits to plan ahead of all you daily ‘to-dos’.
  • Very helpful in relieving any pain you may have.

Lavender Haze

Lastly, we have the Lavender Haze where you’ll taste lavender as you take one toke or two. It has a combination of G-13 and lavender that provides a light and balanced buzz. It provides a way to uplift your mood but also keeps you relaxed throughout the hustle and bustle of the workday. It’s very smooth in the relaxing effects that it won’t keep you on the couch, but allow you go about your workday calmly and efficiently. It boosts your concentration as well as offer a magnetic smell when you open it fresh from the package.


  • Relaxation to smooth the rough edges of your body out.
  • Euphoric mood to keep you enjoying life all day.
  • Happiness is always a great motivational mood to keep you going from business meeting to the next.
  • Relieves the stress from anything you’re bothered by.

Overall, these strains will help you do business better as they all offer different ways to keep the entrepreneur motivated and energized through the workdays. Not to mention each strain contributes to the health of mind, body, and spirit. I’ll mention that my particular favorite strain from the list above is the Jack Herer, and it’s one I’ve had on my wishlist for some time. If any of you try this strain, then please comment and tell me all about it!

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