Women Grow connects, educates, and empowers diverse leaders in all segments of the cannabis industry. Women Grow believes that with this organization it will help start over 1,000 women-owned businesses in the marijuana industry. Founded in 2014, Women Grow is now the largest national network of cannabis professionals with Monthly Events for women & men in 35 cities across the US & Canada.

I had the opportunity of attending San Diego’s First Women Grow Chapter meeting at Analog Bar in Downtown San Diego, CA. Here is a peek into how the event went.

This past Thursday, over 30 women, many of whom were complete strangers, walked into a local San Diego lounge for a networking event. The room was filled with women from all different backgrounds, many who probably would have never met if it weren’t for the one thing they all had in common – Cannabis.

Cannabis, a plant that has been apart of so many political discussions, especially in the past few years, is a plant that also has saved so many lives and has affected many of those sitting in the room that day. The attendees Lawyers, nurses, entrepreneurs, advocates, and supporters discussed and exchanged ideas about the Cannabis Industry. Some of these women shared their current roles, many who have been business owners in the industry for many years, some wanted simply to learn more about the industry and the startups, while others wanted to learn how to be apart of the movement because of the true medicinal value they saw in Cannabis.  

What brought all these different backgrounds together? Women Grow.

Women Grow was not only created to educate and connect women but was founded to inspire and empower us all to realize that women have the opportunity to be the innovators of a new industry, redefining the workplace and cultivating the next generation of women leaders in the Cannabis Industry.

“I’m all about coaching, I’m all about  empowering women, and now I’m all about Cannabis” – Sheila Hoyt

The first guest speaker for the San Diego Women Grow Chapter was Sheila Hoyt, a founding partner of Herbalizer A San Diego-based company that has developed the world’s first SmartVape. Sheila, a hardworking, passionate, business minded woman, raised a big part of the company’s funding, as well as, had direct influence over the final aesthetics of the device.  

Sheila’s sales career began with selling for Avon as the District Sales Manager in Oregon.  This was just the start of her sales career and marked the beginning of her goal to coach woman to go after their goals. After her career ended with Avon, she found herself working for Tony Robbins in San Diego and was hired to work for the sales department that wasn’t doing so well at the time. She quickly turned the sales department around, building it up to eventually bring in the highest gross the company had ever seen, which still is yet to be beaten to this day.

Her journey for Herbalizer began the day she met Josh Young, CEO and President of Herbalizer. She was so inspired by his vision and the determination he had when he spoke about changing the technology in the vaping industry by building the world’s first SmartVape, that she knew she had to be apart of his journey. Josh and his business partner quickly presented her with an opportunity that would change everything, but it was going to be far from easy. Her beginning role was to find the funding, and we are not talking about a few thousand dollars here, but a large sum of capital to get this idea into the product development stage.

Sheila took the position and ran with it; She reached out to contacts in her network, spent countless hours learning, and watching, and didn’t let all those who said “NO” stop her. That passion and drive of hers got her to her goal and raised the capital that was needed to begin the development stages of Herbalizer.

Their product was first released to market in December of 2013 and Sheila began to understand what she was apart of A device that was bringing technology and innovation to the Cannabis industry, a device that was easy to use, safe and effective. To this day, the Herbalizer still has more demand than supply and is a device that people can’t stop talking about.

The event’s hostesses, Kimberly Simms & Erin McDonald, helped remind us all that it’s time to stand up, be proud of our views on Cannabis and that we have the power to bring change and innovation to the Cannabis industry.

Erin McDonald, Co-Founder of CannaEffect and Cashinbis, and Kimberly Simms, Founding Attorney at Law Office of Kimberly R. Simms.

The evening ended with many women feeling empowered, inspired and holding their heads high (pun intended). They all left with new business connections, friendships and ideas of how we, as the woman, can be a part of the change and make a voice for ourselves.

Over 30 Women from all different backgrounds attended the first-ever Women Grow San Diego Chapter Event!

Interested in being a part of the next Women’s Grow meeting in San Diego? 

Want to order your own Herbalizer?


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